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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks to all who answered....I appreciate it. RuskitD, I was diagnosed because of symptoms but never had any tests done..My Internist said it wasn't necessary and I'm uneasy with that...Because I kid you not, over a span of 14 months, I mentioned twice about my bloating, nausea and diarrhea......The 14 months mark, she finally listened....I was advised to start on a Gluten-free diet, drink plenty orange juice and eat a lot of bananas; take vitamins and calcium, and see her in 5 months. Y'all I don't know if I wasn't misdiagnosed...This is incredibly miserable. I continue to have diarrhea at 17 months, I have had maybe 3 normal bowel movements during this time...and each time I wanted to celebrate....I have forgotten what it feels like to feel normal. I have been off of glutens and on a Gluten-free diet for the last 9 weeks, being almost ocd about what I put in my mouth and I don't see any difference or feel any better.....One thing I am experiencing a lot is muscle cramps...The worst ones are in the chest area and the calves... With the heat almost in the 90's, I'm starting to fear sweating and dehydration along with all of this diarrhea.... Please talk to me...Honestly, I'm getting scared. And I need advice. Thanks to anyone who reads. Vella
  2. I come from a family of non-huggers, but I'm entirely opposite......I like ya, I hug. The culture I come from are very warm and friendly people....Big sloppy kisses too.
  3. Canker sores ? Is that the same as mouth ulcers? I had no idea it could be related to Celiac....I've never had them before, this past week I've been struggling with them inside my cheeks, tongue and palate.....Very hard to eat with this.....The pharmacist told me to use Peroxyl mouthwash. Besides all the other symptoms like diarrhea, abdominal pain, muscle cramping and weight loss; how miserable does one have to get to start feeling better? I think depression is setting in because of lack of sleep. Guys, this is miserable. Sorry to be such a crybaby.
  4. Goodness, feels good to laugh. Great tune !
  5. Hi everyone, I'm new here and hope to learn what this disease is all about.....I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago and everything, gluten-free diets, the awful symptoms are really confusing to me....My doctor informed me there is such a thing as gluten withdrawals, and I've come to believe that...I feel so tired, nauseated, anxious, hungry and wired most of the time. I also continue to have frequent diarrhea. One thing I've noticed is how expensive the gluten-free foods are... Also 2 weeks ago I was biopsied and learned I also have skin cancer and will have to have surgery, so I guess these 2 issues overwhelm me... In the past I've had Graves disease, Alopecia areata, and Hypoglycemia...Are all of these autoimmune diseases ? Thanks for reading.
  6. Red Heads

    New here...Hi all.......I have red orange hair, no freckles and light olive complected and the only one in the family with red hair......I can't find anyone in the family who knows any relatives with Celiac.......My heritage is French, Irish and German. Trying to get a hang of the board.