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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Travel To Dominican Rebulic

    We ARE leaving on the 18! My doctor said that I was to go completely gluten free immediately because of the condition of my stomach and small intestine. I have been doing so well ensuring that I am NOT eating anything with gluten. The resort does not have rooms with kitchenettes. And the resort is about 30 minutes away from the nearest village. My travel agent said that I would have to wait until I arrived and then speak with the tour rep. who could translate for me and look into what my options are. I am going to pack many things (no parishables) that are gluten free as possible. I check with our local airline authority and I can take peanut butter so will do that. My husband has made the same suggestion that you have. I just may have to be as careful as possible without starving myself. At least I know that there is lots of fresh fruit available and I can eat breakfast (eggs). It really is the lunch and dinner options. Thank you for your suggestions!! I am so thankful to have found this site and the wonderful people who seem to have helped so many others. As I work through all this, I am fortunate to have people like you to go to....and one day, maybe I can help others with my learning experiences!
  2. Wow!! I did not know that there was a withdrawal period - although it does make sense! I am a little worried as I was just diagnosed on Feb. 2 and we are going on vacation next week - so I may be having withdrawal symptoms while away on vaca....With luck, I won't have any symptoms. My doctor, similar to another person's post, said that the condition of my small intestine and stomach, it is going to take several months before I am better. He said that I will not even notice a difference (i.e. feeling better, less pain) for at least 3 months! I actually have been feeling a little dizzy and have had a headache today but though I was maybe coming down with something..... Thank you to everyone for all your posts! Not only are you helping the person that posted the original question, but you continue to help people like me who have just started the journey!
  3. What Do You Miss?

    It has only been a few days for me...but the pizza "bones" and REAL bread already for sure!!! I just wish we actually had a selection of reasonably priced, GOOD food to choose from.
  4. Hello Everyone! I was just diagnosed on Feb. 2/12!! And, BOY, am I learning a lot! Like many of you, I'm sure, I was diagnosed over 25 years ago with IBS. I am so new at this and slowly feeling my way. I do have a friend with Celiac and another with a child who has to have a gluten-free diet. Anyway, my husband and I have a 2-week trip (already paid for) to a resort in the Dominican Rebulic. It is all inclusive and most meals are buffet style. Does anyone have any ideas about the kinds of things beside fruit, eggs, meat (not breaded), rice -that I would be able to have? We have been to this resort before and know that they do NOT have fresh veggies - only salads in cream sauces, and bean salads (also in liquid). I also have an intolerance to cheese and a few other dairy. Do you have any food suggestions about what I could take with me? I appreciate any and all advice! This is a whole new journey for me. While I am no longer in shock surrounding the diagnosis, I am definitely still in shock about the cost of the products!! SERIOUSLY!! Thank you!