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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Symmtery In Dh

    Mine is symetrical about 80% of the time. The delay however can be a few days. last week my left shin was blistered and itching like crazy. This week it's just blistered and scabby (due to night time scratching) but my right shin recently got the blisters and itching. i too have gotten it on my face. however i must say the scalp was the worst since it is very hard to treat with ointments etc. Re: Drs and mis-diagnosis, i don't wish this on anyone but I bet a Dr would be a lot more open to non-text book cases if they or a loved one had this condition.
  2. Doctor Visit Today - Totally Mortified (:

    My dermatologist told me it could be Chelytiella (sp) mites which you can get from pets like dog or cat. However she barely looked at my skin so I don't know how she came to that conclusion. I still don't have a positive diagnosis.
  3. Purposely Glutened Myself

    First biopsy was of the lesion and adjacent. However, it was not a very fresh lesion. It cam back negative for dh. I have been eating gluten since Thursday, I seem to be getting a little itchier but not too bad.
  4. Here's my story . . Rash first started in November 2011, first appt with derm in early January, derm gave me some ointment-no help, late January rash is much worse-crazy itchy, spread to back,arms, legs, elbows, belly, hips, and breasts, searched internet and suspected dh, early February went gluten free, 2nd appt with derm, did a biopsy, gave me clobex spray (helps) and some anti anxiety med (helps me sleep), 2 weeks later 3rd appt with derm, rash is improving, biopsy negative for dh, derm sends me home with refill for sprayand tells me to call if it gets worse. Yesterday, rash is bearable but still there, I have been gluten free since late January. I decided to gluten myself because the family keeps saying it's not gluten. I also am not sure. I have an appt with my GP next week and I will linsist on blood work and allergy testing. I will continue to eat gluten this weekend,if rash gets worse I guess ihave my answer. I guess I am doubting because the rash keeps moving. As it clears up on one part of my body, it shows up somewhere else, almost always symmetrical, but never in the same place twice. just venting I guess. Am I crazy?
  5. I feel for you and your young daughter. Get her tested.
  6. Sounds like a classic case of DH Symptoms Symptoms of dermatitis herpetiformis include:
  7. go gluten free. It can't hurt you and you've already experienced that it can help. I had a horrible rash allover my body two weeks ago that I had since early December. I went gluten free and now have only a few blisters here and there. I am awaiting the results from abiopsy. Whatever the outcome I will remain gluten free. Many of my family and friends are say it's probably not gluten, just something else you got into. Whatever, I will never go back rights horrible sleepless itching again.. Good luck to you
  8. I Ate An Entire Bag Of Shrimp!

    thanks Richard for the good reminder. I have been suffering so much that after reading many of the comments on this site I thought that perhaps I too should try to eliminate iodine. However after some research I foun d ou tthere are some serious health issues with eliminating iodine from your diet. I now know I willonly attempt this under the supervision of a doctor or nutritionist.. For those of you who are sensitive to iodine, I wish you good health and I hope you will be careful. peace and love
  9. 6+ Weeks Gluten-Free And A Dh Update . . .

    I'm happy to hear some of you are doing well. I merely suspect that I have dh. Doc did biopsy and won't know for a couple of weeks. Question-how long of gluten free eating until I get some relief? I've only been gluten free for 5 days. No improvement yet - too soon to expect relief? Or perhaps rash is something else. Thanks for any help you can offer
  10. Dh Without Gi Symptoms

    Thanks again. I told dermatologist to test for DH and she willingly did a biopsy. I'll know the results in a few weeks. All of you Celiac sufferers on this forum are brave and generous with your responses. Thanks again. I had breast cancer 11 years ago and there was a website similar to this one that got me through it. I love how the internet allows us all to communicate and help eachother.
  11. Dh Without Gi Symptoms

    Thanks for the quick replies. What an awesome community. I ahve been eating gluten free for 2 days and today is my dermatologist appointment. Do you think just two days of no gluten will affect the test results. If eating gluten free offers me relief, is a positive diagnosis really necessary as it seems the only help for DH or celiac is gluten free. Thanks for helping to educate me.
  12. I have been suffering from any extremely itch rash for two months. After much online research it sounds like it may be dh, however I do not have any other symptoms of celiac. I am 48 and never had arash like this before. 2nd appointment tomorrow with a dermatologist. Last ointment prescribed didn't help. Should I insist on biopsy/test for sh? Can dh show up at my old age. Been eating gluten my whole life without a problem. I'll try to start eating gluten free. Anything for some relief. Thanks all for you help.