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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Welcome to the club, I think almost everyone here has been diagnosed with IBS at some point.. my blood work was positive / neg biopsy - both doctors swear it can not be celiac...but I'd trust your gut, keep a food diary and start out slow - eat normal foods but take out one thing at a time (Gluten, Casein, Lactose, Rice, etc.) It might take a while to rule out or find some of the foods that are causing the most pain but it does give you some answers! I hope you find your triggers and get some relief. There are ALOT of books out there written for people like us also, it makes it easier to understand what good methods of shopping and prepairing foods.
  2. *Help with Lab Work* mistype I got some of my bloodwork back that they did in the hospital right after the biopsy (that came back negative) My doctor is going to run some more bloodwork, iron, hep, etc. Since he swears I dont have celiac because his biopsy was negative, is it possible that the enzymes could be above normal? here are my labs ALT (SGPT 79H (10 - 40) AST (SGOT)39 (8 - 40) Specimen slightly hemolyzed CO2 30H (22 - 28) Anion Gap 5L (8 - 16) Any info would be helpful...the CBC was perfect, no elevation in any counts.
  3. I agree with Skylark, my results were the same as yours - i stayed off gluten for over a week and felt GREAT, added gluten back into my diet and back to feeling sluggish and crummy. I didnt like the thought of changing my diet without a firm diagnosis at first but it is worth it to feel better, and hopefuly in 6 months i can have dairy again.. But to answer your question, if you stop eating gluten you will begin to heal and the biopsy could be negative... but these are just my opinion 5 years was long enough for me
  4. Hi Dani, i dont know if it helps but one of my huge symptoms is anxiety over things, and they are things that definitely should not cause my anxiety i've been given different medication to help, nothing seems to help unless im on a tranquilizer but thats just not a life for me lol.. I noticed after being off gluten even for just a week my anxiety level was going down, not sure if its a lasting condition but I hope not.
  5. tTG IgG/IgA, Endomysial ABS IgA, Gladlin IgG/IgA.. all blood tests or entero does the fecal, if they come back positive most doctors want a biopsy to confirm.. some dont, but either way its the same diet knowing early is pretty great does your 6 year old have symptoms of celiac?
  6. In my limited experience the tTG IgG is Sensitive and Specific - all the blood tests are used because no one test will show positive in every patient. Depending on the severity of the damage biopsy results are a great way to confirm the diagnosis, but its not 100% that they will be able to see damage in cases where the celiac disease is in a juvenile form. If your off gluten and feel better, most people will because it is healthier than it might be worth a shot trying to be gluten-free for a length of time to see if your back issues clear up, cant hurt.
  7. I have almost the same issue, my symptoms dont usually happen right away - almost 18 hours later my stomach will cramp/turn and ill feel horrrrible for a day or so (after eating a large amount of gluten like pasta). I was gluten free for over a week and I felt amazing, no headaches, no stomach issues, normal digestion, no heartburn, the list goes on and on but I almost never have immediate issues except with Dairy that stuff kills me instantly but has no lasting effects.
  8. Nah no worries, my daughter has eczema and asthma also its terrrible, so far no reactions to gluten *knock on wood*
  9. You are right, I did a poor job making the point of autoimmune vs non-autoimmune - NCGI or celiac disease, or even just Wheat allergy, best medicine is to just stay off of it.
  10. Im not super knowledgeable on the subject of NCGI vs celiac disease but I can say one thing, NCGI doesn't cause damage to your body, it is more of a reaction to not being able to digest the wheat or gluten and causes some discomfort, ibs symptoms etc. BUT Celiac causes your body to be flooded by antibodies and that is an auto-immune response - that causes damage to you, brain, organ, skin, lots of different ways and alot of the symptoms have nothing to do with knowing your sick. But may I ask, what they tested you for/what the results were? and if you tested positive the next step would be an intestinal biopsy usually ordered by a Gastrointestinal Doctor. (before going gluten free)
  11. Your talking about.. http://www.nature.com/ajg/journal/v107/n1/full/ajg2011311a.html
  12. Ah yeah, no I understand that - I figured with these types of issues it would be good to monitor at some point to see if the blood work would come back normal after a while on this diet, honestly i've never dealt with any issues like this before - im use to going to the doc and just doing what they tell me to. i'll get that report and post that up here
  13. Well I've been on the diet for a week now, i feel much better all around - not 100% but its progress. I said I would go find another because this doctor wont acknowledge anything I tell him, he wants me to eat dairy this week, which will upset my stomach and than gluten next week which will do the same and come back to him with the results, after that who knows.. he wouldn't discuss the biopsy results with me at all he just told me to do these two "trials" and walked out of the room.
  14. Yeah no kidding, when he told me that I thought you have to be kidding me.. im having an auto-immune response to gluten but its not celiac.. ah yeah im going to goto another doc this one has already caused me enough grief I haven't had the Gene test, do I request that from my doctor or do I need to goto a separate company?
  15. Yeah, I did as much research and read alot of the clinical studies about the EMA i tested positive on those, my tTG iga/g was within the normal range but he didnt run a complete iga on me so without being a hypocondriac ive just let the doctors kind of give me guidance and the GI i have doesnt talk to me he just tells me the reports and leaves thinking about finding another GI to switch to that might share more. But the EMA IgA was positive which seems to be between 95% - 98% ish , but titer only 1:10 im assuming thats why they didnt see anything wrong not sure.. im waiting for copies of the reports