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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Dee777, you have made my evening. I have been feeling SO DOWN. This is JUST the encouragement that I needed. I am going through the *same thing* *right now*. I have put on about 15 lbs, and can't seem to take it off. I recently switched back to ( I used to be vegetarian a looooong time ago ) juicing on a daily bases and am struggling to get exercise in regularly. I have been avoiding all processed gluten-free foods.......except Udis White Bread. Its killer, I love it with tomatoes or avocados or cinnamon sugar. Its the one thing I've been having a hard time letting go of. ( don't worry! I will! ) While I'm noticing a great difference in how I feel,( and how my painful Gluten attacks are shortening,!) I do feel extremely disheartened by the weight gain. I will try harder to persevere thanks to you. Thank you so much.
  2. Freaked Out

    Hi Varthurs, I wish I had an answer for you. I have been working on being gluten-free for about a week. I have noticed a difference in my stools too. I make the assumption that its just a "cleaning out" of the bowels. I'll be curious what the regulars have to say. Good Luck to you on 3 weeks "clean"!
  3. Thank you Guys, for all of the comments and support. I decided to give up on the idea of championing. I have been making a stronger effort to live gluten free, and have succeeded in 1 week without too much pain; I can tell when things get "stirred up" that that is when I feel a little queasy, but that's it, and it didn't last to long. I will continue to stay as gluten-free as possible. I have felt great all week! I will be getting my children tested soon though, as $$ allows.
  4. I am self diagnosed Gluten Intolerant. I have been in and out of pain for almost 1 year now, more IN pain than out. BUT! After making a 100% sincere effort and garnering the support of a few friends and my children I have been about 98% pain free and gluten free for ONE ENTIRE WEEK! If FEELS SOO GOOD!!! I have been cooking all of my own foods. But keeping it fairly simple. I tend to eat foods in binges, for example, for the next week, I'll probably eat the same foods over and over again. and then switch to something. It makes meal planning for me fairly easy. I have cut back heavily on meats. I do need to add fish back to my diet soon, but not yet. I even pulled out my 10year old Omega Juicer and made Green Juice ( Kale, Apples, pears a little beet and TONS if Ginger) If my friends or children want to eat out,for the time being there is only ONE choice for me and that is my favorite PHO restaurant. For sweet treats I have a few Hot Tamales (gluten-free!) or I make Cinnamon & Sugar Toast on UDI's gluten-free White bread with Blueberries on top. I LOVE EATING, and I'll be damned that I'm gonna let Gluten spoil my life. All that said, I understand that the Gluten is still in my system, and at this point if ( and I have ) feel familiar pains, it is sort of a wash up of left over junk in my system. I plan on eventually doing a few day's of Juice Fasting. (I'll get my Doc involved I promise) And hope to one day focus on a true gluten-free detox. I have been cooking all day today and am very excited about week #2! I am very interested in learning more about nutrient absorption through Juicing and am open to hearing about your favorite juices and Juicers. I used to love juicing but pretty much always stuck with Carrot Apple Ginger - still my all time favorite.
  5. Pot Roast Recipe

    These are (er this is ) the kind of recipes that I can use to feed my kids. I made my first pot roast in the crock pot about 1 month ago. It was a disaster! I look forward to try again! Thanks Skylark!
  6. All that information is great guy's. Thank You. Its funny, because I'd originally decided that the pain was to great. I think I was just grasping at straws. I'm still trying to understand it all. Cara, I don't honestly know what KNOWing would change. I don't know what I'd do differently. That was a great question. My ND actually suggested I NOT get the test because it was too painful. But if I WANTED to, I could. Knowing that it is hereditary, I may have my son and daughter tested instead. They are not having any painful symptoms yet, and they are definitely not gluten free....yet. :-).
  7. Hi! I am soooo tired of feeling sick and tired! Through trial end error over the past 9+months I have figured out that I am at least Gluten Intolerant/Sensitive. 6 Day's out of the week, I seem to experience some symptom related to GS. Sever abdominal pain and swelling, flatulence, irritability just to name a few. After reading another recent post about being new to Gluten Intolerance, I am convinced that testing is the way to go. I pay my Naturopathic Dr. out of pocket for blood work, visits and meds. This is because I lack insurance. The Celiac test will 1) require me to pay $250 and 2) remain on Gluten for at least 2 weeks. Here's my question: How much gluten do I need to have in my system? More than the frightfully high cost of the test, I'm seriously considering dealing with the pain its going to cause to make sure the test is done as thoroughly as possible. As it is, I keep trying desperately to keep it OUT of my system, but I manage to slip up sometimes. I recently had one week of feeling really really good! No flatulence, no bloating etc. I managed to ruin it all with 3 small bites of rice with GRAVY. I didn't even think! Within 30 minutes I was in pain. ( for me I describe the pain as akin to swallowing liquid razor blades) And the after affects are not much nicer. Would I have to eat a little bit of something gluten-y everyday? or just once or twice per week before the test?