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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Mass Confusion After 4 Years

    Hi Laura! To answer your question, yes I have The same issues. I will either go Weeks constipated or The complete opposite. I just changed doctors myself and he is in The process of checking me for Leaky gut, anemia and many other things. I have currently been in The bed for a week because I introduced Quinoa into my diet and I have had a reaction. So please do not feel alone. I am not sure where you are located but I am in Georgia. My new doctor will do a phone or online consult If you wish. www.atlantaglutendoctor.com - I drove 2 hours to see him and I will just tell you, he is worth it. He understood everything I am going thru and even cried right along with me. Good luck and I wish you The best
  2. Something Is Wrong...

    Hey I am so sorry your feeling this way. I know exactly how you feel. I can tell you that I had/have reoccurring UTI infections. Do you still have your gall bladder? Your symptoms also sound like gall bladder issues as well. I recommend going to a Gastroenterologist before you change anything else. You have to be eating gluten for The test to be accurate or at least thats what I was told for my test. I do think It would benefit you to go gluten free even If your test come back negative. That is My personal opinion based on how Its helped me I hope you figure out something soon. I am still learning myself.
  3. Possible Hormone Imbalance

    My thyroid fluctuates up and down. The doctor took me off my hormones for 6mths and then I had to be put back on Synthroid. Fluctuating could be Hashimotos or at least thats what my Doctor tested me for. These hormones and Celiac can make you feel so crazy! I am so thankful for this forum because I don't feel so alone reading others post
  4. Possible Hormone Imbalance

    Hey, im sorry to hear about all your troubles I have had all of the same exact symptoms. I have been gluten free since February this year. When I accidentally ingest gluten, I get a rash, depression, stomach pains,migraines, mood swings and so tired I can't get out of bed. I need to add that I am also on thyroid meds for Hypothyroidism. We are the same age and I am night sweats too. Have you ever had your thyroid checked? Also, have you did a cleansing diet? ie. paleo
  5. Another Newbie

    Yes it did but I had already decided that I was going gluten free regardless. I had researched it enough that everything I was feeling was related to gluten. The thing that threw me though was I had Gained weight and most people lost weight. Ugh! Which I wasn't Happy about. Ha This forum has really helped me with alot of questions so dont hesitate to ask... no stupid questions when it comes to feeling better
  6. Another Newbie

    Hey! I Just wanted to let you know that your story sounds Just Like mine First I was diagnosed with Hypoglycemia so I tried to adjust to that, next they took out my Gall bladder, next they diagnosed me with Hypothyroidism, then I was diagnosed with Chronic fatigue syndrome, then fibromyalgia. Along the same time, I was having reoccurring Urinary tract infections and bacteria infections that wouldn't respond to treatment. It was then my gyno suggested Celiac and referred me to a Gastro doc. He Just said it was IBS and the Fibro. After further insisting on my part, I had a upper endoscopy because my bloodwork came back neg. The thing is, I had been on a gluten free diet for 4Weeks per my gyno. So im saying all of this so you will know to stand your ground with the doctor. They Just kept poking antidepressants at me. Which after all of the test and things I was/am depressed. I am 5 mths now gluten free and its still a learning process. Its amazing you have a family member that knows all about Celiac! I am already worried about the holidays but it sounds Like you will have Lots to eat and not have to worry! Think about the positives. With Celiac, all we do is change our diet! You will begin to see a difference in your "IBS" after month or so. You will feel amazing once your vitamin levels are restored im sure. I will be praying for you
  7. Annoyed!

    Hey sweetie, I am actually Going through this as a 35 yr old adult. Its because of unawareness about Celiac. My boss at work calls me Gluttony... Which im sure you know means over eating and as a female that is a sore subject. I have Just started laughing it off and it seems to go away easier. I Just think others do not know what is it or how to respond so they make jokes. Its doesn't make it right by no means. It sounds Like you maybe one of the more popular girls in your youth group and the other chics dont Like you getting all the attention. My suggestion is start praying for them. If anyone is going to help you through this and turn it around it will be God. The devil is Just trying to stir up division within your Youth group. Hang it there, He' a on time God Your in my prayers
  8. Struggling To Lose Weight...

    I too am also having the weight gain issue. I get so excited when I find my favorite foods in the gluten free version that I keep eating pasta, brownies, etc. I am also hypoglycemic and Hypothyroid as well so those 2 along with Celiac isn't helping the weight issue. I wonder have any of you guys checked into Body by Vi ??? I ordered the shake mix because it does say Gluten free but I am unsure about the add in flavors and supplements. All of my research Just shows info on the shake mix. Im going to start the shakes Monday so if any of you Seasoned Celiacs know anything about this program id love some input. I have the DH, the raw/white tongue, stomach reactions, depression etc so I am thinking these shakes may give me a little help in letting my intestines heal
  9. Husband Thinks I'm Going On A Fad Diet!

    I have dealt with the same thing! Not with a husband but with my family and Co workers. It makes you feel mad and alone. Just tonight my Mom said Well I Just added a little bit to the Dish it won't hurt you... Not only are you going thru this difficult transition where your emotions are unpredictable (or at least mine are) You feel as if you have to defend yourself for wanting to feel better. I am sorry I wish I had a solution for you I have tried printing information- showing websites. Maybe that will inform him of the importance of this diet. Good luck
  10. Newly Diagnosed

    I Just want to say Coming from a Newbie- This is the most informative thread I have read on here. Irish Heart - Thank you so much for taking the time to type all of your information up!! it is so helpful And I wish I would've had your info a few months ago when I started on this journey
  11. Thyroid Problems

    I have had problems with my Doctors and labs still using the old tsh ranges. I know what I feel the best at and it is 2 or below. They have had me so up and down taking me off my meds for 6mths. They Just put me back on them because I was right at 5. I wish all the doctors would adjust to the new ranges and I wouldn't have been miserable for 6mths or longer with all the symptoms. I have been gluten free almost 4mths now so I am Hoping it will keep my levels from fluctuating so much Good luck
  12. Withdrawl Y Or N

    I have had Migraines recently and I am in my 3rd month of being gluten free. I also felt drugged and lightheaded in the beginning weeks. I thought my headaches were because I had accidentally Glutened myself but I am pretty sure it was withdrawal symptoms
  13. Gluten Free Products

    Thanks Skylark! I think thats my problem as well. However, the Gluten free breads are horrible so I have been able to not eat it as much. ha How long did it take before you were able to see a difference in your energy levels?
  14. Gluten Free Products

    Thank you everyone! I think this 3rd month has been more stressful. I am also Hypoglycemic and I can not seem to keep my sugar regulated. It has bottomed out a few times last week. I have the book Gluten Free for Dummies so hopefully I will get the hang of this soon! Ha I am very thankful for this site
  15. I am a newly diagnosed Celiac.. I have been what I thought was Gluten free for almost 3mths now. I noticed while buying groceries tonight, some products said Under 20ppm. Naturally I Googled it because thats where we go right? Ha Anyway, I am wondering should I Just be eating natural things until I heal? Doesn't 20ppm mean that there is a slight trace of gluten? I haven't had any improvement in my symptoms or felt much better as of yet. Just curious if this could be the reason- im trying to eat my normal foods but the Gluten free versions too soon??