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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. It is possible to stay safe in your home with your husband eating gluten. Our house is about 80% gluten free. With the exception of my husbands bread and some tv dinners in the fridge, our house is pretty much gluten free. All meals I cook our gluten free, but when we dine out he eats what he wants. I do buy him some occasional gluten free snacks, but we find that most gluten free baked goods I make, we both like and enjoy. My suggestion would be to have your husband eat what he wants when he is not with you, and then find out meals you both love and enjoy, including snacks that you both can eat while at home. This way he can be mainly gluten free with you but without feeling like he is giving up on foods he love. I know my husband never feels like he is giving up stuff, but that is probably due to the fact that I generally bake at least 1-2x a week and cook yummy home cooked meals every night. Have him slowly go gluten free but have him still enjoy his favorite items, just be careful with crumbs and make sure he understands all about CC. No using the same toaster for his bread and your bread.
  2. Getting Sick On Weekends

    Nope no special treats for the kitty. Our cat actually hates cat treats and canned cat food, so all she gets is dry cat food lol
  3. What Happens If You 'backslide'

    I personally love UDIS bread, I live on their products. To me it tastes like the real thing. My cousin loves Rudi's Bread though and it is quite tasty as well. Hope you find a bread you love. I used to love hot warm loaves of bread and do still miss them, but keep trying and you will find a replacement you love.
  4. What Happens If You 'backslide'

    Not a fan of their doughnuts. Too cake-like and I have never been a fan of cake-like doughnuts... No more Krispy Kreme for me though, threw the box away when I got home lol
  5. What Happens If You 'backslide'

    I just did that today lol. I have been doing so well lately on my diet, Been gluten free for 3 years but have had some setbacks every now and then. Well I was out running errands and one of the grocery stores was selling Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. They looked so delicious, soft, chocoately. I wanted one so bad. I picked up the box ad put it down multiple times before finally walking away.....Only to walk back by the stand 10 minutes later on my way to check out and picked up the box :/ and ate one in the car on my way home. Now an hour later my tummy is distended, cramping, nausea, belly ache, GI issues, etc. Was it worth it?? NOPE!!! and I am so mad that I did that when I was doing so well, but it happens and I will pay for it for awhile but do my best not to fall back into temptation of yummy doughnuts lol
  6. Getting Sick On Weekends

    I started keeping a food diary in order to see what I am eating. I generally eat the same stuff all week. I started the diary on Monday, so far I have not noticed any patterns aside from I feel a little off right before bed, as well as right when I wake up. However I have always been like that, due to eating too much right before bed and not always eating breakfast when I wake up. Hopefully after this weekend I will maybe have an idea of what I eat on the weekends and how that contributes to how I feel.
  7. Getting Sick On Weekends

    Marlie, I do believe my birth control gives the same dosage expect for the week when you are suppose to have a period then it is different, but other then that. Something I may look into though, just to check. Thanks
  8. Getting Sick On Weekends

    Hmm maybe. I tend to feel fine during the week, though sometimes when I first wake up I feel a tad off. On the weekends I generally feel better in the afternoon after I have been up for awhile and had some breakfast/lunch. I am thinking that may have something to do with it. Though it is odd because I don't eat breakfast on the weekdays, and never feel as bad on those mornings compared to saturday and sunday.
  9. Getting Sick On Weekends

    Hmm I will have to think about if he uses anything new, I don't think so, but I will def. be keeping an eye out for anything out of the norm
  10. Getting Sick On Weekends

    Lol Oh I am crazy in my own ways lol... I have been gluten free for about 3 years.
  11. Getting Sick On Weekends

    LOL it is alright, I know you are not trying to call me crazy and I know what you mean. I found a similar theory to yours online when I was googling my symptoms. However, here is the thing..I do not work, I am a stay at home wife, we have no children, only a cat, so I am not holding back from being sick during the week, I have no reason to. I understand what you are saying but I can't really relate it to my life. I live a very stres-free relaxing life lol
  12. Getting Sick On Weekends

    I do sleep in later on saturday and sunday and I have noticed that as soon as I wake up I am really hungry. However, I generally do not eat breakfast until 11am or noon on weekdays and that is about the same time I wake up and then eat on the weekends. I do feel a bit better once I eat and usually by the afternoon I feel a bit better and then sometimes in the evening before sleep I start to feel sick again with an upset stomach and nausea.
  13. Getting Sick On Weekends

    I do not believe my birth control pills have traces of gluten. I am on lo-seasonique and from what my doctor told me and what I have read, that birth control is safe.
  14. Getting Sick On Weekends

    Cathey, The day I run to the market is generally Mondays and I only go to Kroger, Giant Eagle, and Aldis
  15. Getting Sick On Weekends

    Jestgar, No, we rarely eat out, so he does not get anything on the way home from work. He generally buys a pepsi at work and bring its home, but that is about it. As for company food, I pack his lunch for work everyday, so he only eats what I pack.