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  1. How long does the blood work take to find out if it's positive? I would be nice to know right away.. :/
  2. I have a funny feeling I'm going to get sick from this... My symptoms seem to be related with sweaty palms, brain fog lightheaded and nervousness. It does get pretty bad sometimes and I have to lay down for about an hr or so for it to go away. I also been noticing my stomach seems to growl like all day long even on a full meal. Since I've been off gluten, it hasn't growled...? I'm a little scared to eat gluten in way, but I can try to deal with it until they find out or not. I'm assuming all the doctors can do for me tomorrow on a first initial visit would be blood work correct?
  3. I've been off gluten for almost 24 hrs and I'm feeling way better but I'm going to a dr. tomorrow to find out if I have it and will probably be getting blood work done in the afternoon and then setup for an scope later. My question is should I eat something with gluten tonight in it? Like pizza for dinner or whatever? I don't want to mess up the blood test but I also don't want to be sick. It's only been about 24 hr/s since no gluten. Anyone know the time ranges of how long off gluten to have a valid test or not? Normally I eat all kinds of bread previously. Thanks -Den