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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Biopsy Query

    I'm pretty certain she was a specialist nurse. I decided to stick with the gluten-free diet plan since my last post, as I was fed up with the constant bloating, and wanted to see some results. Since then, there has been no change whatsoever. I still bloat everythime I ingest something, whether that be a glass of water or even a small biscuit. I also saw my GI, and had a discussion on what the next step should be. Now, he suggested that it's probably likely that I don't have Celiac Disease, considering the biopsy was normal, even though my blood test was a weak-positive, and I no longer have to continue with the diet. Now I'm slightly confused by this. Surely if the blood test was weakly positive, it still indicates an intolerance towards gluten, so what do I do? He's also booked me in for an ultrasound and colonoscopy, for a more fitting and better diagnosis.
  2. Biopsy Query

    Thanks for the reply. Next time I pop in to see my GP, I'll ask for a copy of the report. The doctor that I previousy saw regarding the blood results, did advice me that I would need to go on a gluten free diet, but that it would have to wait until I had the biospy and undergone the rest of the required procedures. The first endoscopy was carried out by a specialist nurse I presume, but I have now been referred to a GI by my GP. I've decided to go on a gluten free diet for a couple of weeks, just to see if I notice any difference in my symptomes. It's been almost a week since I began the diet, and I'm still as bloated as I ever was. Was I just too optimistic in hoping that I would see the progress, or does it in fact take alot longer to see some positive results? A friend also suggested that digestive enzymes supplements would be a good idea in terms of effectiveness. Would this be an option to consider, and if so which brand would be recommended?
  3. Biopsy Query

    I'm not certain, I was just told the results. I did however, hear back from my GP today, and have been told that I'll be reffered to a gastroenterologist. In the mean time, I'm not sure whether I should go on a gluten-free diet, or wait untill I see the specialist?
  4. Biopsy Query

    Thanks for the prompt reply. What would be the process in carrying out a gene test? I was also wondering whether fasting would have an impact on the endooscopy results, even if it is the standard procedure?
  5. Hey everyone, newbie here. I was basically tested for Coeliac Disease a couple of months ago, due to extreme bloating which I've suffered from for several years now. The test came back positive, although it was noted as a weak positive. Intially I was a little disheartenened at the prospect of having Coeliac disease, but also relieved, due to finally having found the source of the frustrating issues I experienced for so long. Now the next step was to have an endoscopy, which I had a month or so ago. I recieved the results recently and it all came back normal. Now I'm at a bit of loss at to what I should do and what this all means? Do I have Coeliac Disease or not. My GP will be contacting me soon on this issue and what I should expect next, but in the mean time can anyone shed some light on this matter? I'd appreciate it greatly.