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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks so much for the input, was to the doctor today for newest rash (not the DH but she said Celiac can"present" in different forms. They now want me to go to endocronlogist they suspect I may have thyroid issue on top of everything else plus see a nutritionist as I've dropped of bunch of weight not eating gluten. Who knew eating gluten would put weight on? but since I'm gluten-free now I've dropped weight too quickly. I figured the toaster was probably an issue but the pans?? can't I just clean really and not cook gluten in them going forward? I still have gluten-free eaters in the home but mostly we cook gluten-free anymore. too much of a bother to cook two separate meals.
  2. I was diagnosed gluten intolerant in July/August 2011 and started to eat gluten free at that time. They ran blood work late September which "most likely" indicated I was celiac. They told me the only certain way to be sure was to start eating gluten again for a month at least and do the blood work/biopsy to be sure. I really didn't want to put my body through even more pain so opted to consider myself celiac with the support of doctor and began this journey. The big question I have is new symptoms that creep up. I normally had the stomach issues with pasta, bread, etc. so I avoided those foods. Now that I'm told to eat gluten free, and really try to but its in everything and sometimes I've made mistakes. So I've had new issues come up from a new rash on my legs and arms that is unbearable to aches and pains throughout my body and just overall not feeling well. is this normal or could I possibly have yet another issue. I am asthmatic and allergic to peanuts and most fish although since eating gluten-free my asthma has been much better, go figure. Anyone else deal with new problems after their diagnosis??
  3. Hitting The Wall

    Sorry to hear your frustration, I'm newly diagnosed as well with blood results, I saw no reason to put my body through the biopsy just to tell me what my body already told me. The heck with your family, like another person posted, do they really need to know all of your results? They need to accept what you tell them and that you feel better not eating gluten, simple. Hang in there, we all have to learn a new style of eating. I getting very frustrated and pity myself at times but its our reality with this disease.