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  1. Thanks so much for the information! I had the biopsy done shortly after he did the blood work and he said he had found no damage (a good thing deffinetly), but did say that I was most likely positive because of the blood work. He suggested I say on the diet to prevent damage in the long run and to prevent the horrible symptoms I was having. He told me at that time the biopsy was of just a very small area, and it didn't really mean much that it didn't show damage. The diet is deffinetly working for me and I do plan to stay on it for life. It just seems every thing I read says you need to have the damage to confirm it. I've been gluteen free (except for a few mistakes and one time on purpose) for 3 months now and am scheduled to return to the doctors office for a follow up early next month. Thanks again for the information! I'm already finding this web page so very helpful! Nicole
  2. Hi all, I'm new to this message board, so hopefully I got this post in the correct spot. I've been diagnoised by my Dr. with celiac disease even though my biopsy came back negative. I'm trying to figure out what blood test he had me do that he figured this out. When I asked him what the number was he told me but I didn't remember. When I asked him what the normal range was he said to me that in a person without celiac disease the number would be "0". also is this an accurate way to diagnois? I was deffinetly having symptoms and am feeling much better on the gluten-free diet. I went on a splurge last weekend and am still paying for it...so I know I have something realted to gluten even if it is not celiac disease. Just wondering if anyone could shed some light onto this for me. Thanks so much! Nicole Tampa, FL