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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I love having refried beans in tacos. (and I have never figured out how to make my own from pinto beans) What brands - that are not super expensive are ok to eat
  2. IHOP

    speaking of IHOP I wnet last night as we had a 2 free meals coupon from the district manager (we had a BAD experience before I went BF) - we went to a different restaurant tho LOL. Before we sat down. told the manager I was gluten-free. He said he would clean the grill. I got chicken, seasoned potatoes and broccoli. I didn't know it but the seasonings in the potatoes had gluten in them and he didn't use the seasonings!! wtg manager!!
  3. Best Gluten Free Pizza Ever

    I have not found any frozen ones that don't have a bunch of junk on them (onions, peppers) I HATE those ok I'm also allergic to onions so LOL I need to figure out a way to make my own pizza!
  4. Red Lobster Has A Gluten Free Menu!

    Maybe it's a trial run then b/c here in Orlando/Kissimmee they do. I was informed by the manager that it was a new thing that they just got a gluten free menu. Tomorrow, I'll go check it out. It's too far to go right now as I don't have a car
  5. after a week into "the change" i wanted brownies - ok i NEEDED brownies - I needed something 'naughty' I went into the gluten free section of a store called Publix (which is nice! such a HUGE selection! - even has fig newtons) and I got Pamela's Products Chocolate Brownie Mix with rich Dark Chocolate Chunks I made the recipe the Decadent Cake way - where I added 3/4 cup a milk to it - and my Gluten eating husband almost fell out of his chair and had a choco-gasim from how good it was. Had I honestly not told him (and had he not taken me to the store to pick it up LOL) He would have had NO IDEA it was gluten free (my son has not had any yet LOL )
  6. They did call me back and it is gluten free
  7. thanks for the tips guys! hey since I've been 7 days with the new lifestyle this board has been very helpful!
  8. can I have any of the treats there (besides the boxed (non cookied) candy normally we don't go to movies - I told him it depended on money esp with rent and electric due (gosh the last time we went to a movie at the theatre was the Simpsons movie and before that was Men in Black II so we don't go often LOL so he has been ONCE his whole life) so he would like popcorn - I know I do NOT have the will power to say NO to movie theater popcorn if it is RIGHT THERE saying EAT ME - and then on the screen going UH EAT ME LOL
  9. I Plan On Opening A Gluten Free Restaurant

    You just made me the happiest person in Florida!
  10. I Plan On Opening A Gluten Free Restaurant

    Really, b/c bleu cheese is made from bread mold (which I've known for years) - I read up on it - i heard it was no good -
  11. Not Sure Where To Post This

    when I did the low carb - I did the south beach/atkins - where I had no bread/pizza/pasta none of that - which is why I am confused as to why I am healthier now the only thing I am thinking -is I used A LOT of soy and teryaki sauce (which I do miss right now)
  12. Ok, I have eaten low carb man times looking back, eating low carb is similar to eating no gluten isn't it? why didn't I get the same results?? (ok it was much harder LOL at least I get fries, and rice, and potatoes, and dr pepper) I'm just wondering - why I seem to like this way better - it's a bit difficult - i miss certain sweets like cookies and brownies - it's a bit more pricy to make 'em right now - but I can get over that b/c I'm feeling better but still - ya know
  13. I Plan On Opening A Gluten Free Restaurant

    love2travel do you have a good gravy recipe for me? I have a recipe that calls for a thick beef gravy and I would love to make it again!
  14. I know Annies has a good boxed mac and cheese - I had some the other day - it's good!
  15. I have not seen it yet - but when I had my "good by meal" I asked about it and they told me they DO have a Gluten Free meal too bad they don't offer it for the biscuits! (and yes when we go back my husband is NOT getting biscuits! )