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  1. When trying to figure out what is wrong with my daughter, my doctor said "it can't be Celiac - you'd know it. She'd be having bloody diarrhea". *sigh*
  2. Thanks everyone! I am working on eliminating all trace amounts of gluten from our home. I figure the best way to see what is going on is by getting her fever and ache free for a couple of weeks (already day 2 of no issues!!), and then give her a good "gluttening". It feels mean - but it is a far better test than I'm getting from my doctor. On that note - she will be seeing a new pediatrician in April - but in the mean time we are just trying to figure stuff out. Thanks again :-)
  3. I have been going crazy trying to figure out what is wrong with my 5 year old daughter. We have had "issues" for years. Can it be Celiac, or am I wrong? My dr won't test because he said we'd KNOW if it was, because she'd have blood in her stool. I'm pretty sure he is wrong. Here are her issues. - Weighed less at her 1 year check up then her 6 month (dr could never figure this out) - Poor weight gain - Daily headaches and stomach aches - Has a DAILY temp flucuation from 97.5 - 102.5 (typically 99 in the morning, 97 by afternoon, and 102 after supper) - Frequent urination (every 15 mins). This has gone away with a gluten-free diet - Pretty sure she has never had a solid poop We have been gluten-free for a couple of months now, but only some of her symptoms are gone. Could trace amounts still be causing the headaches, stomachaches and fever? She has had normal CBC, thyroid, and glucose levels. Thanks for any input!