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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Weight Gain :(

    I understand what you are going through. I struggled with bulimia until I was 23. Im 29 now. I am also about 5'4". I think the lowest I got down to was 117lbs and I looked sickly. I have a small/medium build. I wear between a size 3 and 5. People say that im small. I have never in my life worn a 0-1...well maybe when I was a kid but that doesnt count. You must be a super small framed lady. Bulimia is a bit different than anorexia though. Most bulimics maintain a normal weight. You could tell I was sick. Im currently 123lbs. I fluctuate between 118-126ish (126, i feel huge but my bf says I look thin and fit) I still struggle with the "im never going to get fat" anxiety. I wish I could get down to 115lbs. Ive been "cured" since 2005 though. Ive just found out about my gluten issues this past year. Now that I think about it, I wonder if this gluten sensitivity (not sure if its celiac, dont have insurance to test) had something to do with my eating disorder. I can't possibly see you looking big at 115. I bet you look great. Sometimes gaining in certain areas make you look even more beautiful. I tend to gain in my stomach, unfortunately. Anyway, I understand your struggles. I get anxiety when I gain. I try to remember that if I eat healthy, eat the junk food in moderation, and stay active, my body will conform to what it naturally needs to be at. Don't try to force your body to be something it wasn't meant to be. In my honest opinion, most people in the world would be at a healthy/fit weight if they just ate what nature provided them in basic means: aka fruits, veggies, meats, nutts. Sadly ppl have created some REALLY delicious things that are hard to avoid in our every day life. Dont freak out, just take care of yourself/give your body the nutrition it needs and you'll be just fine.
  2. Thanks for the input everyone. Its amazing to see that other people are having the same issues. You would never think that it would affect your bladder!
  3. Before I started suspecting gluten sensitivity, I've been having reacurring bladder pains. It started about a year ago. I felt intense pressure in my bladder, the same feeling like you have to pee very badly but have to hold it. I'd pee, and it would still feel the same. Its uncomfortable to urinate as well. Ive already been checked for everything under the sun. I don't have a bladder infection nor an std. So... I noticed its much worse when I drank caffeine. I stopped drinking caffeine entirely. It has been much better. However... it comes back sometimes. Im not sure if its from things I eat or what. I went gluten free for a little while recently. I didnt have a single bladder episode. I slipped up today and ate some breaded chicken strips etc. My bladder is really bothering me now! Its worse than its been in a while. I didn't have any caffeine, just water. So im just curious if anyone else has bladder issues. I wonder if its gluten related?
  4. I don't know much about the race statistics of the disease but you can never say never! Like someone else said, you may have quite a bit of European ancestry behind you and not even know it. The world is a big melting pot. Don't rule it out, keep your options open.
  5. Yeah Ive read most is safe. I was at a non-chain movie theater so i'm wondering what they used on it. After the reaction I saw lots of sites saying the flavorings etc could be a problem. Im not sure since im still new to this but thats the only thing I ate at the time. So now i'm scared of trying out the mom and pop places, lol. I guess I should stick to Cinemark.
  6. I was wondering the same thing! I went gluten free for the first time recently. I went for about two weeks. I grabbed a bite of popcorn from the movie theater thinking that it would be safe. Not long after my throat felt kinda like it was tighter... Not like an allergy...just felt weird. Within an hour or so my stomach bloated up like crazy/hurt. It felt like there was a bowling ball in my belly. And THEN later on that night my boyfriend saw that I had this weird rash all over my back!! Ive never had that symptom before! So I looked up info on the popcorn. It said that some popcorn salts/butters might contain gluten through means such as artificial flavorings etc. Anyhoo...the rash thing was new and thats why I was wondering if my body was freaking out more than normal because it was used to being gluten free.
  7. Amazing Gi

    Lucky! Most doctors that i've seen treat me like im a customer in a drive through at a fast food restaurant. I swear, i've never had luck with them. They all seem to want to do what is easiest for them and makes the most money. Glad you found someone good! Hang on to him!
  8. Symptoms

    I havn't been formally diagnosed either but these are the symptoms I am experiencing: Since I was pretty young i've had GERD, fatigue, depression/anxiety, lactose sensitivity, and diarrhea off and on. Just in the past couple of years (im 29 now), new symptoms have developed including: bloat/stomach swelling, shortness of breath after eating sometime, foggy brain/memory issues/ irritability, white spots on skin, numbness in hands/joint pain in fingers, bladder pain/pressure, and extreme menstrual cramps (never had issues with that til the past year. I literally passed out/went to the ER bc of the pain/pressure). The menstrual issues might be something different all together but i've read it could be a symptom. I can't wait until I can get some form of medical insurance. Ugh.
  9. I truly believe that many diseases and problems that people have are related to what they ingest in some fashion. That's my opinion anyway. It won't hurt to try gluten free for a while to see how you feel! You dont have to buy all the prepackaged stuff to test this out. I started on gluten free brown/white rice and different kinds of sauteed vegetables/unprocessed meats. You can eat more cheaply that way for now until you see how it works for you.
  10. Hello everyone! So here's the quick run down....I've had symptoms all of my life but could never figure out what was wrong with me. I recently came across the issue of celiac/gluten sensitivity. I had sooooo many symptoms. So I went without gluten for a couple of weeks. I felt so much better in many aspects. Well.... I slipped up and had lots of gluten filled food the other day. Next thing I know my upper back is covered in these weird rash whelps. They do not itch or hurt. I thought it was ringworm at first. I looked up pictures of ringworm and they seem much more red and pronounced than what I have. This isnt the first time ive seen these though. This is just the worst outbreak. Ive had these pop up here and there before, usually on the chest or back area. Its never been anywhere else. I dont have insurance, otherwise i'd have gone to a dermatolgist. Has anyone else had something that looked like this before, or know what this could be? Possibly a reaction to the gluten? Any help is appreciated. http://flickr.com/gp/candipoox/432r47 Closeup, kinda blurry sorry http://flickr.com/gp/candipoox/Z21232