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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Test Results Lost

    I'm sorry, that must be so frustrating. I can see why you would be very angry. A few months ago I was scheduled for an emergency c-section. My doctor did an amniocentesis (a very hairy procedure, which involved 3 VERY large needles being stuck in my VERY pregnant abdomen) to check for fetal lung maturity. My c-section was scheduled the next day pending the lab tests, which were flown out of state(to San Diego, actually LOL) to be done by a certain lab. Lo and behold, just as I was getting prepped for surgery, with IV already in place they called the lab and the results were lost! We couldn't go forward with the surgery without it, and we ended up losing valuable time which could have endangered my life or my baby's. Fortunately, all turned out well in the end, but it was a long and frustrating ordeal which resulted in some not too pleasant words said about that lab. Anyway, my point is, I concur that something needs to be done. It is no small thing when labs get lost and peoples' lives are at stake.
  2. We are still waiting on a diagnosis, but our pediatrician started investigating in December, I asked for some blood tests in March, (borderline positive IgA), he had a positive IgG in June, and we finally got in to the Pediatric GI at the end of the month. So it will be at least six months for him, but his growth started to be affected over a year and a half ago.
  3. What exactly is IGA deficiency? Does that mean your levels are low, or that you don't have any? What causes this? I have heard this mentioned a lot.
  4. Test Results

    Thank you for taking the time to respond. My pediatrician's office said the results were negative for gluten enteropathy (sp?) (don't even know if that is the same as celiac?) but I don't have too much faith in some of what they have to say. Fortunately, given my toddler's failure to thrive diagnosis they made the referral to the Pediatric GI. I would think they would have a little better of an idea what is going on? Oh, and the Igg should have read greater than 100. I guess they stopped counting at 100.
  5. What would you suspect given these test results? Gliadin AB IGA- 8 (Negative less than 11) Results were 15 in March IGG- 100 (Positive, over 17) Also, blood tests showed anemia. We have a family history of celiac disease, and an appt. with a Pediatric GI in 2 weeks.