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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. So after a few more weeks it seems to be getting worse and I can't figure it out what is going on. I am following the gluten-free diet and am being super careful with everything I eat (I rarely eat out) so I'm not sure what else I should be doing. According to my GI, I have mild celiac (whatever that means) so I'd be surprised if I'm reacting to anything that I'm eating. I now have these white bumps on my forehead with some reddish pimples mixed in.... As I said in my previous posts, I didn't have any skin issues before being diagnosed, but since going gluten free I seemed to have developed this issue. It's so frustrating, UGH. Do I go see my GI or a dermatologist or an allergist? Or just skip all of that because they probably won't be able to tell me anything?
  2. I'm pretty sure it's acne and not DH since DH wasn't an issue before. I was wondering if eating gluten free foods were contributing to it even though I didn't seem to have acne before due to food related reactions. I guess I could try sticking to whole foods for a while to see...it will be tough though since I'm already struggling to find things to eat now and I hate cooking so the gluten-free foods have been helpful for a meal or snack. I'm already pretty much eating a vegan gluten-free diet, which is difficult enough and I'd hate to eliminate even more food at this point.
  3. I've been gluten free for a little over a month now and have noticed over the past few weeks that I'm having some acne issues that I didn't have before. Anyone else experience this after going gluten free? I haven't used any new soaps or moisturizers so I'm not sure what's going on....I would think if anything being gluten-free would not cause the acne, but I didn't have issues when I was eating gluten. Maybe it's just a coincidence? I'm too old to be having acne! Ugh.
  4. Newly Diagnosed?

    @skylark - It might come across that I'm fighting the diagnosis, but I guess I was just hoping for more conclusive results from my biopsy - given the terrible GI symptoms I've had for years, I thought the biopsy would either show no damage or a lot oh damage, but maybe that's just my misunderstanding of all of this. I'm definitely going with the diagnosis from my GI doc and have been gluten free for a little over a week now. I've been feeling ok so far, but time will tell to see if there's an impact over time. My dr Tod me I can have IBS along with celiac, so we shall see if eating gluten free is the answer. I certainly hope so!!!
  5. Newly Diagnosed?

    Thanks for all your feedback....everyone here is so helpful! I got a copy of my pathology report with the following: Duodenum biopsy: duodenal mucosa with normal villous architecture and increased intaepithelial lymphocytes. See note. Note: Villous architecture is essentially preserved. The differential diagnosis includes gluten sensitivity or family history of gluten sensitivity, tropicalsprue, post viral gastroenteritis, bacterial overgrowth, allergy to other antigens and immunodeficiency syndromes (CVID, IgA defiency) these features have also been described in patients with a history of crohn's disease (Modern Path 2002). When I talked to my GI doctor he said that based on my positive tTG and biopsy results I definitely have celiac. I'm just confused with this path report because the note doesn't really clarify a diagnosis....any thoughts?
  6. Newly Diagnosed?

    As a follow up, I met with my primary care doctor this week and according to her, my diagnosis is not a "slam dunk", meaning all test results "suggest celiac disease" due to the positive blood work and increase of intraepithelial lymphocytes from my biopsy, but because there's no vilous atrophy it's not a diagnosis of 100%. Even though other autoimmune diseases were ruled out, I have onogoing GI issues and a history of vitamin deficiences and low iron. This all confuses me even more so because when my GI doc gave me the results he said that I definitely have celiac disease, even when I questioned that the biopsy results only showed an increase in IELs. It just seems like there are many differing opinions on this. Do others have the same confusion I'm experiencing? I guess I'm going with what my GI doctor said, but I still have some doubts due to the biopsy result. I've had horrible GI symptoms for many years, so shouldn't this have been reflected in the amount damage to my small intestine?
  7. Newly Diagnosed?

    Thanks for your feedback. I've been struggling with IBS for 15 plus years and was happy to finally have some answers besides doctors just telling me I have IBS. I didn't realize how confusing the diagnosis process is....I just wonder if a different GI dr. looked at my biopsy results would he/she have a different diaganosis?
  8. My blood tests came back positive and my biopsy showed an increase in immune cells in my small intestine but no vilious atrophy. According to my doctor I have celiac disease but based on information I've been reading there seems to be conflicting opinions about a diagnosis without vilious atrophy. Does anyone have more information about this?