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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Well, I had my daughter tested last Thursday afternoon and the results had already come in on Monday afternoon! Here is what they did, I think she is completely fine and we/she just has to live with they way she is. Anti-gliadin IgA and Transglutamiase IgA less than 3 (no ranges given, but I think this is good) Total IgA 50 (range is 41-305 for her age) It seems on the low end of normal. The pediatrician did write that the only way to be certain is an endoscopy and that if her symptoms continue he would suggest a pediatric GI. I think that we'll wait on that and give it more time. I appreciate your input.
  2. Thank you all so much for your replies! I really appreciate them. I think I'll call and ask for her to be tested. Can you recommend the specific tests that I would be asking for or is it just the full celiac panel? Do you know how long it takes to get the tests back? I know the pediatrician would want to start out with the blood work and go from there. I'll keep you posted!
  3. Hi All, I've been lurking around the boards off and on for several months and now is the time to finally post and ask my questions. I've seen how helpful you are to one another and I'm wondering if I'm in the right place...could she have celiac??? We've been struggling with a bunch of unrelted (I think unrelted) issues with my 8 year old daughter for years. This summer, her pediatrician ran a bunch of blood work and did a bone age because of her decrease in percentage for her height (her dad and I aren't very tall), years of headaches and constipation. He was basically testing for thyroid, growth hormones and turner syndrome (all of those came back fine). Her age was 8 years 0 months and her bone age came back at 8 years, 10 months. To make it a little clearer, here's the list of issues over the past several years: *Chronic constipation (she's been on Miralax daily for 2 years and can't get off of it) *Migraines (seem to have improved slightly with Flonaze as she has inflamation in her nasal passages) for about 3 years *Her height dropped from the 25% to the 4% in 4 years *brittle hair that is dry and breaks off *slight case of eczema on the inside of her elbows **In her blood work done in August her red blood cell count was 3.85 (normal was 4.10-5.30), MVC was 89.3 (normal range was 73.0-87.0) and ALK PHOS was 238 (normal 30-136, but I understand it could be due to bone growth). The only reason I know about the blood results is because I asked for a copy...the office told me everything turned out fine. Her weight is in the 65%, so she appears to be a little chubby since she's so short. Her maternal side of the family has several auto-immune issues (two who have type 1 diabetes, 2 crohn's disease and my 20 year old niece was just diagnosed with celiac...this is why now is the time to ask my questions). I can totally rule out anything and call it chance, but I do wonder if everything could be linked together and be celiac??? Her pediatrician stated a few months ago that he's seen celiac with constipation, but they've always had bouts of diarrhea with it. That topic had just come up when I brought her in to address the constipation issue. He feels that she has slow transit and that she should stay on Miralax. Should I subject her with more blood tests (she freaks out about them)? If I do, should I call and make an appt. with the peditrician again, or just call and ask for her to be tested? Our pediatrician is great, but he probably thinks I'm a hypochondriac with my daughter (we have 2 other children, but they don't have the same issues). Did anyone elses child have the non-typical symptoms or symptoms similar to this???? Thanks so much!!!