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  1. Yes I have celiac disease and Fuches Dystrophy. My father also had Fuches Dystrophy but not celiac disease as far as we knew. He had cornea replacements on both eyes and both were a great success. I have spoken to the surgeon about it because the FD prevents me from wearing contacts and from having laser surgery. My surgeon will not perform the surgery until the eye have deteriorated to a specific level due to the possibility of rejecting the implants. The surgeon did tell me that they are now doing research for growing a new cornea layer from one's own stem cell so maybe that will come available before we have to go blind and be eligible for the surgery. I found this forum because I was searching for a correlation between celiac disease and FD. I have noticed that if I accidentally encounter gluten in my diet my eyes are always worse the next day. The specific issue that I have with them is that I don't seem to be able to stay focused when reading at work. I am constantly (and I mean constantly like every few seconds) adjusting my glasses thinking that they are not sitting on my face straight because I cannot stay focused. Has anyone else noticed an immediate connection between gluten consumption and their eyesight? Thanks, Gina