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  1. Hi all. Cider is my gluten-free drink of choice, especially in the lovely fall weather. Yesterday the fiance bought some beer for himself and some Harpoon Cider for me. Harpoon labels the beer "naturally gluten free" - I've had it twice before, once before being diagnosed, and once a few months back when there was significant drinking involved. My glutening symptoms are best described as "hangover-like" - headache, digestive issues, achy body. I had 2.5 last night - pushing it for a week night, but hey, we're wedding planning, I needed something to push me through! Today I've got the symptoms of either a mild hangover or mild glutening - I've had much, much worse. Harpoon says they only use freshly pressed apples and their in-house yeast - the yeast has me worried now, that it could be a by-product of their beers. Has anyone else had similar issues? I see from googling that many sites (from a year or two ago) assert it is NOT gluten-free, but they don't explain why, and I didn't know if this had changed. The Harpoon website also notes it tests to below 20 ppm - which makes me nervous too, because why both even testing it if it's "naturally gluten free"? Appreciate anyone else's experience. I like it because it's less sweet than Angry Orchard etc, and almost has a beer-esque taste -- which maybe should have been a red flag? I'm likely going to call them later if this doesn't pass.
  2. Gripe About The Media

    I set up an account just so I could respond to this!! I've only been gluten-free for about six weeks, after neither a blood test or endoscopy pointed to a concrete answer. It's taken a while, but now I'm feeling a lot better. Already, though, I've gotten frustrated with the coverage! One of my first weeks I had dinner out with a friend who was in town--the restaurant was great and we made a few tweaks to the meal. Someone else at the bar later asked me how my food was, and I raved about it, though noting my salmon couldn't have the breading they use. This stranger then proceeded to ask me whether I really needed to be gluten free, or if it was just for a diet. He wasn't being snotty about it, just curious, but it was such an odd question from a stranger. gluten-free can be so restrictive, I barely know anyone who does it just for fun! And people who only "cut back" on their gluten because of using it as a fad diet drive me nuts, because then other people think even gluten intolerant folks can have a little. Athletes in particular seem to be doing this as a fad a lot, and that can really hurt people who NEED to care about it. There's been a lot of media coverage this week based on a new journal article, and everyone I know has been sending it to me, saying maybe I'm really not gluten intolerant--based on this report saying that a lot of people with Celiac symptoms don't actually have Celiac but other problems. I get that they want to be helpful, but this is a discussion my doctor and I have already had. I'm gonna go with the MD over the reporter. So. Thanks for venting, because I needed it too! It's been a stressful six weeks of reading labels and journal articles so far, but I'm committed. You're not alone in your frustration!