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  1. Thanks for the welcome.
  2. Hi Everyone, I have recently, within the past three months, switched to a gluten-free and dairy-free diet after landing in the hospital twice. It has been difficult, logistically and emotionally, to make the switch. My dairy allergy is on the extreme side, requiring me to tote EpiPens. The gluten intolerance is more pain added to the mix. Going off course on purpose or accidentally is really painful for me. Without realizing it I was poisoning myself and just suffering with the symptoms daily. I thought I was dying from some unknown condition until my wife figured it out and pointed me here. I have been lurking on the forum since starting my new diet. The posts here have been extremely helpful and encouraging. Some have made me cry as I can feel the pain, fear, and relief in the posts. Within weeks of making my diet change absolute, my weight, blood pressure, and glucose levels have all come into the healthy range. I feel great, better than I have felt in at least a decade. I wanted to say thank you to all the posters for helping to make my life so much better. Gary