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  1. I was DX with Coeliac back in March 2012 after being unwell and fatigued since Aug 2011. I was lucky to be DX so 'quickly' but that was because I changed Doctors until I found one who would listen! I've been strictly gluten free since 17 March and I still feel like s$#&e. I was so sick 2 weeks ago that my husband took me to his young Doctor Bond [who's quite easy on the eyes] and he sent me off for ultrasound of my abdo and renal, also did bloods. The results being that I have a gallstone, slightly raised Liver function and high ESR. Good news was that my Coeliac readings had come down, so the diet is working. Last Monday night I had my first ever gallstone attack...3 of them in a row. Each lasting about 10-15 minutes with a 5 minute break. Now that was painful. For many weeks prior I've had an annoying pain under my right shoulder blade. At the time of the attacks the pain started in the right side and spread out over my belly like a vice and the pain in my back moved to the middle. Dr Bond has referred me to Prof. Abraham [surgeon] who I can't get into until 13 Feb 2013. I don't want my gallbladder removed. So I'm trying to find out how I can improve it's function. The ultrasound showed that the gallbladder was healthy. I don't know where to go from here. I wake every morning with nausea and that lasts almost all day. Some days are better than others. My diet has diminished somewhat and I've lost 6kgs this month. Would so like to see this Dr Martin at the Mayo but being in Australia in a country town, that ain't going to happen I'm at a point where I believe I need to get the gallbladder working better and shrivel this stone down enough so I can try a liver flush. Any one have suggestions on how to increase the activity of the flow of bile from the gallbladder? Many cheers Wendy
  2. This what the doctors aren't telling me. I read on another post that it took the poster 2½ years! Damn. I feel like going back to Dr Wenman, the gastro guy and telling him to stop glossing it over, give us the truth.
  3. I'm so pleased that the SCD is working for you so far. I couldn't get passed the Intro diet before jumping ship. I have no resolve left in me to push myself through the bad bits. Everyday is a bad bit I'm having trouble getting steamed veggies down my throat, leafy greens and raw carrot, no problem. Will try again but leaving out the intro diet. So all the very best for you, hope you come out the winner!
  4. LOL Yep I'd line up for that at the moment!
  5. Well Chaps, I failed miserably at the SCD. By day 3 I was so sick I couldn't eat a thing, day 4 I was a crying mess. My neighbour phoned to see how I was and I blubbered in her ear that this diet just wasn't for me but I was so far down I didn't know how to climb back up. She said "hang on, I'm coming around". She arrived with a culture of kefir, some raw milk, brown rice and a book called "Nourishing Traditions". Told me I'm to have some kefir everyday, even starting with a teaspoon would do, red meat, leafy greens, oil and vinegar on them, cook in butter/lard not oil......so essentially a primal/paelo way of eating. I'm to soak the rice overnight before cooking it, all nuts and grains have to be soaked before eating. Well I don't feel any better but at least I'm eating again. Lost 5kgs in 4 weeks. Still no appetite........damn. I'm a bit worried about the lactose in the kefir and have googled it. Seems there's some debate as to how much lactose is left in kefir after 24-36 hours of fermenting. My neighbour bought her husband back from the edge of death last year with this diet. His gut was dead from massive infusions of antibiotics for infections all through his body. He gagged just thinking of food which was most unlike him, he loves food! He's been a para since the age of 4 (now 65) and he's looking the best I've ever seen him. Took months but she was able to restore his gut flora using the kefir she believes and a really good diet of fresh food and red meats for the iron. Eat nothing that goes through a factory, she said. If the nausea would stop, I would feel a lot better about everything! Off to have a Complex B shot this morning to see if that does anything. Gave myself a B12 last week and that didn't do anything but then my bloodwork shows my B12 levels are normal. Sent hair samples off yesterday for analysis, be interesting to see those results. Now have chunks of hair missing from the back of my head I feel I need to be allergy tested for what foods I could be reacting to, might make my life around food a bit easier. My Doctor has suggested some supplements from www.advancedbionutritionals.com. "Integrated Digestive Formula", "Advanced Probiotic Formula" and "Advanced Adrenal Factor" after my standing BP dropped to 85/71. Anyone know of this company and their products? I live in Aussie and this is an American company I'm not familiar with. So here I am, sitting in my rocker at 0800 in my PJ's waiting for the Ativan to kick in to quell the nausea a bit so I can shower then eat goodness knows what? Probably a berry smoothie with almond milk and kefir. Wonder how a raw egg would go in that for protein?
  6. Saying Hello From Australia

    GFinAus! I'm down here, also. Mid north east coast. Great support group, wonderful ppl. All been there, still there or just starting there. Everyone has something to offer. And thank goodness for iPhones cause I'm too poorly to sit at the computer today. Auto correct sucks though. ;o))
  7. Refractory?

    There is also the problem with salicylates. Could be why fruit n veggies are a worry. Except for pears, lettuce and potatoes, others are high in varying degrees of natural aspirin ( salicylate ). Can be a problem with autoimmune illness.
  8. When I was diagnosed back in Feb by my Doc & Specidlist, they both patted themselves on the back for a result and, in an almost cavalier manner told me to hit the GFD and in no time at all I will feel heaps better. Eight months later and I am still waiting to feel better. Some of us don't respond and that leaves us shattered to say the least. I mistakingly believed I would be one of the early responders and when that didn't happen, depression took over. How many others are there who have failed to respond to a FULL GFD , without cheating ;o). Have you found ways of overcoming that and what were they? I've started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet today, beginning with the intro diet. Fingers crossed
  9. My neighbour had some sound advice, especially for newbies. Don't eat anything that's been through a factory. No grains , no milk, no sugar.
  10. I began the SCG Intro diet today. No dairy. Just chicken soup, plain meat balls, pur
  11. I've been trawling the net for info on paleo/primal diets and came across Specific Carbohydrate Diet. A sort of precursor to paleo I suppose. So I'm going to start off with their intro diet of chicken soup, meatballs, pureed carrots for a few days then try introducing foods that haven't been through a factory! They have quite a few eggs, not sure about that, they might have to be given a miss or at least scaled down. I might have a problem with eggs, not sure yet. So here goes .......
  12. Many thx girls, I'm reading Nora Gedgaudas's book and I think my neighbour has a paleo/primative book, will borrow that. Need to do some shopping, though and it's raining and I've got the "can't be bothers". Dear Husband worried about me coming off rice and dairy and not being able to go back onto it again as this is what happened to him years ago when he did the elimination diet for Chronic Fatigue, but I'm so sick of being sick that I really don't care, I'll try anything.
  13. Thank you so much for your reply, answer to the first question, my last bloodwork didn't show any thyroid problems but I have tests again next week for liver function so will be seeing my Doctor, will ask about that again. I've been able to download Nora's book onto my iPhone so will be reading that tonight. Thank you again for that information. There's a tonne of books out there on paleo diets, could grow poor and old reading them all! We are lucky down here as far as gluten free is concerned. Our food is labelled mostly very well and eateries are gaining awareness, quickly. Lots of $$$ to be made in gluten free merchandise these days )
  14. Hi guys, I come and lurk in here every so often and get encouraged by everyone's posts but I've hit the brick wall. I was diagnosed in March of this year [2012] and started GFD on 17th March to be exact. As far as I know, no gluten has passed these lips since. My Dear Husband [DH] has had Chronic Fatigue for years so his diet is restricted and we're just so careful, neither of us want any food reactions. Both of us drag around the house, now. I use to be the fit one [Ha ha]. But I feel like s$#&e. I have no interest in food at all, I wake feeling nauseous almost every morning and generally have no energy to do most stuff. Hot sweats. No two days are the same. I have lactose free dairy, eat almost no bread, have cut back on the sugar intake but I know I'm not eating nearly enough fresh veggies, just can't seem to get them passed my mouth! Rice porridge or smoothies for breakfast, stuff all for lunch, soup or porridge, then chicken or steak with lettuce and boiled potatoes for dinner. I know it's not ideal but I just don't feel like eating. I've been taking probiotics, digestive enzymes, Vits B6/12/C/D/E, zinc, magnesium until about two weeks ago when I just couldn't face taking any more pills. I know I'll have to start again cause I need them. Have just ordered some Glutamine online. I've been reading about Paleo diets and wondered if I need to go down this road in order for my gut to even try and heal but I really don't know where to start. Having been a fairly high carb eater it's all a very new form of eating for me. I was always skinny as a kid and adult until menopause when I put on some pounds around the middle, so what I ate was what I felt like eating. Never a bad diet but not over the top with veggies. I do like fruit but not eating much of that either these days. I think I should be cutting out all dairy and grains, but it's all just got too hard. After years of being careful of what to feed my DH you'd think it would be easy but it got harder would you believe! I was always capable of tackling any problem that came my way but now I find at 65 my sponge is full and as Scotty said "she just cannae take any more!". I need a diet coach. Do we have such ppl in Australia? Any ideas/suggestions will be gratefully received )
  15. Life Essence

    No I don't think so, Richard. I did have a lot of anxiety that seems to of dissipated with the GFD. I have a chat to a Councillor about once a month. I think I'm more angry about the whole darn thing than anything. My DH (Dear Husband) suffers from Chronic Fatigue, has for years and we really didn't need the "healthy" one in the family to come down with anything more serious than a cold . I've been out of action for 9 months before being diagnosed and he has had to do much of my jobs around the house. I need to get well but then don't we all .....Wendy