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  1. Stef- Hope you're feeling better. I always know when its gluten poisoning (vs. flu) as I get super tired, dizzy, a puffy tummy, and (not to be gross) lots of mucous with lots of bathroom trips. If it is the gluten, hope you can trace the source- Take care, Zoe
  2. I actually have been completely gluten-free for 3.5 yrs - I have only recently been getting sick (through contact with my son - despite head-to-toe washing after meals - and I would rather get sick than not let him give me kisses). I was hoping for advice on easing symptoms but it looks like it is just a waiting game...and no more gluten for Jack until his next celiac screening (first one was negative!!) Thanks! Zoe
  3. Hi, I am desperate for any info on dealing with gluten contamination - I react pretty severely (IBS type symptoms, bloat, headache, fatigue, insomnia) and am currently in the throes of gluten as I have been giving it to my 9.5 month old for his first celiac disease screen. I have been sick for most of the past two months and would love to know of any tips for facilitating recovery- Thanks!!