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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. 8 months pre-diagnosis dr says "what do you think it could be?".......ummmm if i had a clue i wouldnt be here.....6 months pre-diagnosis "hmmm I wonder if you have celiacs?" .....but didn't test me for it instead ordered a nerve conduction test & a brain mri... man if only she went with her gut and actually tested me for celiacs back then, I would've suffered a few months less and that would've been awesome!!
  2. Gluten Nightmares- Literally!

    ugh yea i dream sometimes of eating oreos with my husband and then I say oh no why am i eating these? ... then theres the occasional taco bell and chinese take out dream..only if I smelt it that day or someone was talking bout it though! hopefully they stop soon its weird how food can haunt us!
  3. Old Hag Syndrome / Sleep Paralysis

    wow I forgot about this ..This happened to me at my peek of symptoms of gluten ataxia.. It never happened in my life before that though, but once the ataxia got to the point of wobbly knees and difficulty. reading and writing, I kept having these and I remember trying to explain it, was frightening!! ...it does sound like a sepearate sleep disorder ..but I believe ceiliacs causes all sorts of seperate conditions ..so personally I havn't had one since going Gluten-Free...to me feels like it was related.
  4. Adrenal Problems?

    All I know is when I first got diagnosed I was seeing so many dr. and they had told me my adrenals were on there way to being a "burnt out" ..I never fully understood it but once I was eating gluten free for a while and I also took...a lot of different natural supplements the glands got stronger...I remember them saying things like "when they are hyper active" maybe the gluten makes them kick into overdrive and then they get tired....the only reason they discovered that was bc my blood pressure was dropping an extreme amount each time I went from laying down to sitting to standing..I would often faint... I hope you are taking probiotics and watch out for Cross contamination! Good luck I'm still working on it myself!
  5. I'd try and get your hands on some deli meats roll it up in some romane lettuce (cheaper than the gfreebread) put some tomato or whatever else veggies you want in it for a sandwich.. you can pack some tunafish in a Tupperware (although not supposed to eat that often!) there are cheap gluten free things not going to say they are the healthiest ..but for cheap quick emergency food lol dentimoore stew has a microvable beef stew...minute rice has a few micro. (spanish and yellow)...hot dogs are cheap and most brands are Gluten-Free...hebrew national...umm there are canned soups by progresso that say gluten free on them like mushroom and clam chowder broc. chowder... these are all quick cheap college equivlants to ramen and speggeti...not the healthiest but better than cheating and eating gluten getting sick! ALWAYS CHECK INGREDIANTS incase the things I've listed are the same where you live! Krystal
  6. mine used to fall out a lot ..i was told that was due to malnutrition and that has been a lot better! it just seems strange I tried to read about it online and people say mostly if you are pregnant it can change..so now im thinking maybe its hormonal and not so much celiac...but then I go back to remembering that my cycle was off before and just regulating this past year so maybe hormones are finally evening out..ugh its not a huge deal but if I start having reddish-blonde light hair instead of my dark brown its kinda freaky and proly end up seeing a dr. anyways
  7. Hello, I'm just wondering if anyone of you have experienced this before...I've been gluten free for almost a year and just recently noticed my hair growing in a different color...I have Dark brown hair, and the past weeks I kept thinking my hair was greying (im 25 year old female) ...and now that it is a little longer I can see it is not grey but blonde I pulled one piece out to really try and see the difference between my ends and my roots and it has a slight red tone to it... no swimming in pools, same shampoo and conditioner, I don't use dyes..is this something that happens with celiacs? Not sure if its norm. or something I have to get checked out. Krystal
  8. I'm newer to this too, but I asked my Dr. and he said that topical gluten is fine but like Mushroom said if it gets ingested at all it can become a problem...So I've gotten rid of mascara and some lotions chapsticks and my Big Sexy Hair shampoo :/ to me its just not worth the risk!
  9. celiac but I have mostly neuro.symptoms.. its ataxia. idk if this makes any difference as far as cycles go but I have been dairy intolerant for years and recently learned gluten and also corn.
  10. Gluten Ataxia?

    I really started having these episodes about 1 year ago. It started for me with rushes of adrenaline and then clamminess. I really thought I was having anxiety or something ..and I ignored it. Then after eating at red lobster my "anxiety" went from tolerable to intolerable. I went to the drs thinking they were either going to say I developed and allergy to shrimp or that I had a full panic attack. She said panic attack. So I said no to the meds and tried to embrace life and drink tea and do yoga lol. Well it didn't stop happening everyday and then I started having trouble swallowing my foods. Not like it was closed up but more like I couldn't tell myself to gulp. Def. scary back to dr.s They wanted to see if there was blockage in my throat..and there wasn't.Then is happened really bad at dance I rushed over to the walk in health center.. they literally gave me a piece of candy thinking my sugar levels dropped and sent me home. well in the end it got worse and worse as you all know and went from specialist to specialist and out of desperation I went to my husbands chiropractor and he suggested that it might be a food allergy or intolerance. My neuro. actually said one time in her office.."hmm I wonder if its celiac" and I had no clue what that was ..but she never ran any tests for it! Just thought it out loud! 8 months into it lab work showed intolerance to gluten and my ana test was also extremely high ...so I stopped eating gluten and it has helped they are running follow up tests I had some bloodwork earlier this month. All I care is that its getting better. Mri's are no fun for someone who hates small spaces I currently still see the chiropractor and he has me on some vitmans and minerals and a probiotic.
  11. Gluten Ataxia?

    omg it sounds so familiar Im not driving yet, no way But I hope to again and i can't believe how nice... although terribly unfortunate that you all had to go through this ...it is for me to hear some stories because a lot of people around here think..or make me feel like its "all in my head" or they think I can have a little bit and be ok.. I too had the heart palp. and blurry vision. Not to be dramatic but It makes me teary to see hope that I can have my life back someday. I had to close down my dance school because i just couldnt run it anymore. balance on one leg? I had to have income so I re-opened with an assistant who teaches for me but its just not the same. Its def. very scary but until tonight I never heard anyones stories about it. And it sounds like once I get my act together and stop having setbacks I'll be good. Thanks again for sharing
  12. came across this and well , just saying ..Im 25 and for the past 6 years I have had little to no cycle ..like 4-6 periods a year.was on the pill came off the pill in oct...and since nov. I have gotten it each month AND been gluten free since Nov. too interesting
  13. Gluten Ataxia?

    Thanks to responding I can see how it can get to the point where you need to be aided. I was leaning up on walls mostly and gave up on using my bed up the stairs in my house. I am very happy that it is getting better. But like both of you said I still need to heal! I had a rougher start to it then I would've thought... and it was all CC that got me.(toaster,double dipped sugar bowl that had flour in it..ugh started out thinking it was easy!"no bread" bleh not quite) I'm determined to stick to whole foods. Did you ever feel like the road was moving? Sounds wierd but I've noticed that when the car stops it still looks like its moving..dr. said it was part of the ataxia but now im curious it you may have experienced this?
  14. Hey there, I was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance called gluten ataxia this past november. I am still learning the rules and ya know changing my lifestyle around but I am curious does anyone here have this? Symptoms include: dizziness, unstable gait.. meaning trouble walking straight..things kind of "float" around you like you're in a dream world. I am much better now. But I've noticed the 3 times I have been accidently glutenized I get this Rush of adrenaline and my heart goes crazy fast my knees get trembly weak and I tend to feel like I might faint but haven't. Also the next day I'm exhausted and very dizzy and stomach pain. Does anyone here have this? and if so do you think each time you get glutenized do symptoms stay longer ?..or can symptoms become permanent?