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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi Laurie Ann, Thanks for the kind words. I think she is going to try to gluten-free diet again. She has not tried it in years. She has gone thru some depression. I think she may have the will power now to stick to a gluten-free diet. I honestly don't know if my son has been tested by his GI doctor, but I need to ask. Poor thing....it sounds like you have really been thru it. It sounds like you are doing better now. No, the doctor could be more compassionate. Thank you for your prayers. And God bless you. James
  2. She had other test. I did not include them because I thought they were normal. Here they are: Glidian IgG=5.5 Glidian IgA=1.9 TTG IgG=1.1 TTG IgG=1.1 She had a colonscope several years ago and a GI doc said she had ulcerative colitis. A think she had tried the gluten-free diet in the past (herself and also with my son when he was much younger). Our son had all kinds of food allergies when he was a little fellow. He now can eat pretty much anything, but was diagnosed with Chrohn's at least a year ago. Kaiti, thanks for the good advice. The info about the testing will really help. We will also look at the doctor recommendations. And thanks for your prayers. God bless. James
  3. Hi, My 35 y/o wife (Linda) has been sick and has gained about 80 pounds over the last 2 years. She recently had some labwork done. The doctor talked fast and she mentioned Lupus, ulcerative colitis, and Celiac's. I am not sure if she knows what is wrong with her. She prescribed a Helidac pack to treat H.pylori in the gut. Anyway, here are her lab results: Sed rate = 100 (I think normal is 20 or less) WBC = 13.1 (normal is 4 to 11) Anit-Nuclear Antibodies - positive ANA Titer 1:320 Speckled Pattern Gliadin IgG = 5.5 (normal = <10) B-12 level low at about 350 She has had severe headaches and has been on hydrocodone and methadone for this. Her thyroid test (TSH, Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T3) came back in normal ranges. T3 uptake was a little elevated at 39.3 (range is 20-38.5). Most of her labs came back normal. A few things in her CBC were out of range besides WBC (i.e. Neutrophils elevated, lymphocytes low, & monocytes low). She has had odd physical sensations for at least 2 years (i.e. the headaches, burning, tingling, crawling under her skin, etc). Doctors think she is crazy, but I think she has just been in pain. I would appreciate any help. I have a sick son too (autism, Chrohn's disease) so I really have my hands full. Any ideas on what my wife's problem may be? Thank you so much. James