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  1. I hope that I'm doing this correctly. I have just had the blood test for gulten and it was positive. I am now going to have the bio done just to confirm. I am 60f and I have never had any symptoms that I know that were Celiac. 16 years ago I had a bad fall and had Vertigo which lasted for 5 months. Mid Dec. I started having Vertigo again. My ENT said it was my sinius's and Middle Ear. My Mother had Celiac, and I have been on a Gulten free diet on and off all mt life.Except when I lived in Europe from 1976 till 1990 where I ate tons on wheat. This winter I have been eating allot of Oatmeal, but very little wheat. So I guess I need to wait and see what the bio says. It could be that I since I have been on a Gulten free diet that my symptoms never developed. All I know is that Vertigo is a drag, if it will clear up by not eating Gluten then that would be wonderful. Can Celiac develop or show up when your in your 60's? I also had a bad fall in August 2011 and fractured my T 12. So my body has been going through allot. Could my Celiac be trauma related?
  2. Hi There, I have been having Vertigo since the end of December. At that time I thought it was from my sinius's But now I have had the Blood test for Celiac and it came back abnormal. I will now need to do the bio in order to see if it is confirmed. I am 60f, my mother had Celiac. I have never had any symptoms until this Vertigo started. I had a bought of Vertigo 16 years ago, but it went away and never came back until now.I have always been on a moderate gulten free diet, the only thing that I have done different is eat oats more often. 20 years ago when I lived in Europe I ate wheat all the time. So yes it could be that Gulten triggered my attacks. But I also have bad sinius problems, which could be from the Gluten.I am glad to read that other people have had this problem. But Sorry at the same time. I wish that everyone on this blog feels better.