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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. How Long?

    They did both. Good to know. Was wondering why they took nine biopsies from my endoscopy.
  2. I have been told I likely have celiacs. Tests are still being determined (had a colonoscopy this week) For the last two weeks I have felt lousy! Abdominal pain, feeling like tons of little bubbles rising in my belly, (sorry to be so gross) flakey floating poop and the BRAT diet is doing little for me. I started going gluten free as of Saturday (had cut down significantly beforehand) How long before this stops? I haven't been able to go to work in almost two and a half weeks. (I'm a sub)
  3. The Emotonal Toll

    Colonoscopy and endoscopy are tomorrow. Thankfully, my insurance covers it all.
  4. The Emotonal Toll

    Sorry. My response may have been confusing. I was going gluten-free, but they told me NOT to do that. So I started eating gluten again. I didn't react the first time to the Lindt chocolates, but the second time they did. THat would make sense if some do contain gluten. I may have just been lucky the first time because I had no reaction, but the second day was violently ill. I have been going gluten-free three days now. I don't expect everything to be perfect, but I have this constant feeling like I need to go the bathroom (even when I don;t) and have D evey morning for at least an hour.
  5. The Emotonal Toll

    I have been gluten-free only three days now.
  6. The Emotonal Toll

    I had been told to stay gluten-free until my endoscopy/colonoscopy which will verify that I do in fact have celiacs. But I had not been having gluten (or had reduced it considerably) when I had that so reontroduced it to my diet (I'd only been gluten-free two weeks then). At that point I was also able to eat pizza and cake with some mild D. My doctors had made this preliminary diagnosis based on some bloodwork (my ferretin was really really low.) In fact, my problems had been chronic C not D. C had awful days, but not everyday. Well, I reintroduced it and had a horrible reaction to Lindt chocolates. Something I could have three weeks before. The next day I went on a rice diet which made symptoms go down quite a bit, but I still feel really bloated and need the bathroom for about an hour every morning. Yesterday, had to miss Easter service because I was too sick. I live with my mom - where I moved after ending a relationship after three years - and really want to move out, but I can't if I can't work. Immodium sounds like a good idea.
  7. The Emotonal Toll

    I have been needing the bathroom every morning when I wake up. I had a flare up last week. How long do flare ups last? I am a substitute so I work when I can (which is the only work I can do right now because my stomach interupts my life). And the last week I haven't been able to work at all. How do you manage a normal work life when you need the bathroom all the time? And how long do flare ups last?
  8. Everything points to celiac's and doctor's are setting up tests for celiacs. Except I tried eating gluten-free at which I was highly successful - minus a few small cheats - such as when one of the kindergartners I was subbing gave me one of his birthday cupcakes - but besides an initial weight loss of 7lbs in one week - I've noticed no improvements. However, I'm constipated, depressed/anxious, and iron levels are still very low. How long does it take to get better?
  9. I like Active and Fit Vanilla Soy. I never thought I'd like soy milk until my Asian boyfriend (many asians are lactose intolerant) introduced me to it. I can related to the chronic constipation. I take a Ducolex stool softener two or three times a week. My sister is an herbalist and gave me a tincutre called Yellow Dock. I was vey apprehensive at first because the other meds she has given me were not helpful at all. Yellow Dock got me going. It was a miracle! If you can get your hands on some I'd try it.
  10. About three years ago I started feeling dizzy, anxious and within a short period gained 25 pounds which is especially a lot as I only weighed 125. I had always had mild anxiety but now it was severe. And I chalked up the weight gain to the fact I was dating a baker. Over the year I seemed to be getting weaker, but I figured that it was cause I had gained 25 pounds. Then I started having abdominal bloating, seizures as I fell asleep, cognitive issues, neurological issues, derealization and intense anxiety. I was taken to the hospital twice for abdominal pain. Doctors never found anything besides the fact I was anemic. I also saw undigested food in my stools yet doctors told me I was just anxious. I asked my doctor if the anemia could be causing the problems. She laughed it off. Crazy as I was living in Boston one of the cities with the best healthcare. I moved to Cape Cod - middle of nowhere in the winter - and doctors immediately told me I needed to get my iron replenished - and that based on my testing it was likely that I had celiacs. Yesterday the doctor informed me that my iron was plummeting. My ferretin went from 44 to 14 in a matter of 3 months despite the fact that I've been eating my daily iron requirements. The hemotologist said this was very likely idicator of celiacs. Has anyone else had these symptoms?
  11. Anxiety

    I have always had mild anxiety, but about three years ago I started getting severe anxiety. Was even hospitalized for it. And I've had it ever since. No big life events happened though I started feeling weak, dizzy, jolting as I fell asleep. Could this be related to celiacs?