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  1. I quit the diet. I just cant do it. I was like 2 months in and felt AWFUL. I could barely think, was starving constantly, very low energy, felt like I had mild flu symptoms. I think Im betting off just eating like a normal person.
  2. I took an allergy test and it said I had gluten sensitivity. Pretty sure I don't have celiac disease. My doc said he wanted me to give up gluten for a few months and see how I feel. I am on week 4 and my digestive system is feeling much better. However I am still very bloated, which I hope improves with time. My main concern though is my hunger. I have put on 5 pounds in the last few weeks, and if I ate when I was truly hungry, it would be 10 pounds. I am starving 24/7. I'm eating MORE calories now than I did when I ate gluten, and yet still my hunger is ravenous. Before this diet change, I would have to force myself to eat.... Now I eat as if I am going into hibernation every day. It is ridiculous. I just had 2 cups of oats, a peanut butter protein bar, half an avocado, fruit, protein shake, and 2 eggs for breakfast. No joke. I am now an hour later.... starving. Why is this happening? I am tempted to just quit, I don't want to gain weight.