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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Dim Sum

    we have been going to Dim Sum since my son could eat rice. He learned to use chopsticks by the time he was 3. We cannot take him there anymore because he was diagnosed celiac when he was 11. There really is nothing you can eat. The kitchen is contaminated. They use the same tongs to put things on the cart that are non gluten and gluten. The egg cream buns are usually homemade and there is flour everywhere. Even if you stuck to just rice and steamed veggies, there is just too much room for cross contamination. Sorry.
  2. That's why I don't trust their "seal of approval". They only sure way of knowing is asking you server or the manager a LOT of questions before you feel safe eating at a restaurant. My son was sick after eating at Domino's, because they did not wash and get all the gluten dough from under their nails or wear gloves to avoid cross-contamination of my son's meal. Your own research is the best way of not getting sick.
  3. Communion Wafer

    My son is newly diagnosed with Celiac. We went to church on palm Sunday and he got sick from the communion wafer. We are still on the learning curve and I did not even consider this. How did other people deal with this issue?
  4. Does anyone have a REALLY good krispy kreme style recipe for doughnuts?
  5. My son only grew 3/4 of and inch in one yr. He occasionally stayed home for headaches or flu-like achy joints and stomach ache. He started to get really bulky stools that would cause a fissure and blood streaked stool. Pale complexion and "allergy" shiners were common. All symptoms have gone except the allergy shiners in the Spring only. He would sometimes vomit after eating a big meal and we thought he was just stuffing himself too much! He is 12yrs old and still eats just as much. Never had weight loss. His nickname is puddin. His Dr. was smart enough to look into Celiac as a possibility and after his blood work came back positive, she confirmed with an endoscopy and biopsies. I dont know if his symptoms are typical? Hope this helps others.
  6. When my 12 yrs old first was diagnosed he was getting a lot of attention. If he is allowing you to find out that he is sneaking food, even after you buy him the gluten-free equivalent...I would think it is an attention getting ploy and not a deprivation. I had my son list all the foods he would miss being gluten free and we replace them with the gluten-free equivalent to show him he will not be deprived. I make sure he packs snacks in his backpack that he would like for the day. Even if those snacks are just cookies to help with a sweet tooth. It is important to have them included in their eating plan. Have him make a list of foods he wants. It really helps to give them some of the power back in the decision making process. Help him to be proactive in his own health.