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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Beer!

    I love being a beer snob - doesn't bother me - i wear that name with pride!! Just wish I were a gluten-free beer snob - i'm so clueless now that i've cut out all things gluten. Thanks for the conscientiousness though, always sweet to know someone cares about how their words sound to others!!
  2. Beer!

    P - I LOVE dark brews!!! But all i can find here in Houston is Bard's and Redbridge and only the lighter versions. I would love to try the La Messagere Rousse...any idea where you can get it in the states?? Ahhh, I just thought there were no dark gluten free ales!! Hooray there's hope!!
  3. Yeah, that's tricky. If it were me, i would totally want to go to a team-building thing. And to build a team, it's important that others understand restrictions that others have. It builds morale to understand one another better. Look at it that way - this is a perfect opportunity to share something about yourself that others can relate to - i'm sure EVERYONE knows SOMEONE with some sort of food allergy - so they (including your 3rd boss) will digest that information, and move on - it doesn't have to be "all you talk about at work" I would tell my 3rd boss here's what's going on, and i need to eat sir - so if you don't mind around 11:30 (or whatever time) I will bring MY lunch to my desk and eat before we all leave, i'm excited to participate - but i didn't want you to think i'm "just a picky eater and I don't like indian food". He/she will totally understand! This is something we're all used to doing: family functions, company picnics, first dates, etc...you just tell people and move forward. WE are all special and unique. Good luck and have lots of fun with your co-workers!
  4. I agree with the others that have answered about thyroid issues. Like they said it's very common in people with Celiac Disease, and very common in the rest of the population (Especially women). There could be any number of hormone imbalances affecting your ability to lose weight including thyroid, adrenal glands, anything in your endocrine system. I would suggest a couple of things about getting tested. There are many affordable options for lab tests, especially as a self-pay patient, ask for self-pay discount EVERYWHERE. You could get a Thyroid panel (T3 uptake, TSH, Free T4) for approx. $40-60. I would also check out laboratory chains (aside from the big names like Quest and LabCorp) such as Any Lab Test Now that specialize in offering "package deals" of lab tests for much cheaper. I would highly suggest going to see an Endocrinologist who specializes in more than just Diabetes (an important question to ask the person making your appointment). They can screen for numerous hormone issues and other auto-immune diseases. They could also recommend a nutritionist in your area. Once again, don't ever be afraid to ask for a "cash-pay" discount when speaking to the doctor's office or the nutritionist. I work for a physician and we give 30-40% discount for cash-paying patients, be persistent!! Diet and exercise are huge factors (paleo diet is extraordinary) - but if you've got some other underlying issue, addressing that will be soo important! Lots of luck in your journey, don't give up!!
  5. Yeah - I agree Red Apple Lipstick is your best bet! They will ship overseas...and I heard they're actually developing a "cold-shipping" option for the summer that includes sweat free icepacks and insulated packages (which would be perfect for long distance) - they announced it on facebook recently.
  6. I know you just said you got some at the mall...but I have to second Jestgar's opinion!!! Zenni optical is awesome. I was skeptical at first...but i've know 4 people now to use them, so i tried it - and the glasses are great! All you need is prescription and pupillary distance. When you are viewing frames they tell you if they are small, med, large - and you can even upload a picture of yourself on the sidebar - to "try them on"! This company is awesome. I got 3 pairs for $70 (plus clip on sunglasses for each)! I like being able to wear glasses now as an accessory instead of just necessity!! Yay!
  7. Pf Chang's

    I love PF Changs gluten-free menu! They don't have lunch prices you're right...however their plates are so big in quantity that I will eat half and have the other portion for lunch the next day...dinner that night, etc. And that's awesome...two gluten-free meals that I DIDN'T have to cook - yay!!
  8. Irritability?

    I actually cried - like tears for no reason! Gluten was comfort food (even though it made me feel uncomfortable afterward - go figure!) Withdrawal is the perfect word. Your body WILL get used to it and adjust and thank you in the long run!! Don't think of it as "living without" - embrace it - gluten isn't good for anyone - you're smart and strong and you can do it! Find something you enjoy doing when you feel that way...I did two things. #1: searched for a yummy gluten-free recipe to try that day (took up time and got me excited vs. focusing on the emotional symptoms) #2: exercise - endorphines naturally boost your mood - use it as a time to give yourself a pep talk and make those natural happy hormones in your body come ALIVE!!! Best of wishes - you will do great!!
  9. i know for sure Red Apple Lipstick is totally gluten free and awesome. I found their lipsticks and glosses via google then researched them and found lots of trusted gluten-free blogs/forums were singing their praises - I will never use anything else!