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  1. I am a college athlete at a small college, which also mean I don't have a fun food court for my meals. I am also new to Gluten Free diet. I have not yet been diagnosed as a celiac, but either way i have a gluten issue. I have cute out begals, cereal, bread.. but what about oatmeal?? how is it? iv been doing okay.. so i think ... but not sure!
  2. I am 19 years old, and in college in a small town in south central nebraska. Right before thanksgiving, I starting connecting some weird symptoms I was getting to wheat products. I mentioned it to my doctor, and they did a blood test and found nothing. I still stuck to a gluten free diet until Christmas, when I did my best to cut back, but showed symptoms again after eating it. I then continued to do a gluten free diet for 3 straight weeks before giving into a subway sandwich... and ever sense then, I have not been able to "Stay on the wagon" for more that a few days at a time. To me this is gross and embarrassing, but when I eat something with gluten, i get horrible gas. I become bloated, and Fart uncontrollably all day! It doesn't smell too great either. I also get rashes around my eyes, they start off red, then become flakey, but last for a while. I haven't yet fully connected headaches to this, but it is something I will look out for when i get tested. MY QUESTION: Do my symptoms match anyone else? I cant get diagnosed till this summer being as im attending school in another state. What are some other symptoms people have? What do you eat when you can't resist the cravings? how have you stayed on the wagon? Anythings will help! cant wait to keep up with everyones blogs! -thanks --"unsure" Sara