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  1. response from the company Begin forwarded message: From: Good Greens Info <info@goodgreensbars.com> Date: October 11, 2012 4:14:01 AM EDT Cc: Jim Clifford <jc@goodgreensbars.com> Subject: Re: change in formula / gluten free certification? First off - We would like to thank you for supporting Good Greens, and for asking these questions. 1) The allergen statement about wheat,soy ect IS NEW - it was a requirement made by liability insurance for the facility the produces our bars, since it's not exclusively a gluten free or NON GMO facility 2) The sweetness in the bars comes from (1) the natural ingredients in our Z-52 superfood powder (nine different dehyrdrated berries), (2) the nautral freeze-dried fruit in our bars, (3) Fruitrim which is concentrated fruit juices that we use for freshness and to hold all of the raw ingrendients in our bar together. Since it's a raw product, the taste of the product varies depending upon when we harvest the ingredients for our superfood powder, and generally later in season berries tend to taste sweeter once they have gone thru the dehyrdation proces. 3) Again the grain dextrins are from the Fruittrim, http://advancedingredients.com/fruitrim.php, and it's certified Gluten Free 4) The facility that made our bars was at one time certified by GIG as being Gluten Free, and recently we were informed by GIG that they they were no longer certified, and therefore neither was our product. As a result we have had to remove the GIG certification and get certified by an independent 3rd party, which we are now doing. This 3rd party works with our manufacturing facility's Quality Assurance Team to ensure that the proper protocol is met each time we manufacture our product, and then subsquentially randomly tests our product to ensure that the gluten content in our bars is less than 20 ppm which is the FDA standard. 5) The oats we use are from Cream Hill Estates and are certified Gluten Free by GIG -The oats is what give our bar it's 5 grams of fiber, and also allows for bar to be low glyscemic (diabetic safe), no plans for changing in the futue - I understand your concern but this might help http://www.creamhillestates.com/en_oats_celiac_disease.php On Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 4:55 PM, wrote: Hi - I've been a Good Greens customer for a while; at least one year. I have noticed some changes, and am wondering if you can verity these for me? 1) I noticed the allergen statement about wheat, soy, etc. Has that always been on your packages? Is that fairly new? 2) I noticed that your bars seem to be much sweeter than before. Has the recipe changed? Have your suppliers changed formulas? 3) Can you tell me the grains included in the "grain dextrins" of the fruit sweetener? 4) I thought I recalled your products as having the "Certified Gluten Free" black and white circle logo on them. Do I remember this correctly? Has your certification status changed? I was surprised to look at a newer box and see that it is a wheat logo with gluten free under it, not the circle certification logo. Can you verify? Have you ever been certified? Will you ever be ? 5) Will you ever make a bar that is without oats? Some celiacs cannot tolerate even gluten free oats. Avenin can trigger an immune response like gluten. Have you considered other protein-rich things like chia? Thanks for any info.
  2. Just wanted to share something I learned to help others... I used to be enamored with Good Greens bars. They were my go-to food for portability. I swear, on my honor, that they used to be certified. A while back I noticed some constipation with them, but figured I just wasn't getting enough fiber. Then, I had a PB&J bar, and noticed it was disgustingly sweet. I asked my husband, "Do these taste different to you?" He said, "I dunno" He just called me from the grocery store to say that the box has a "Produced in a facility with wheat" statement. I went to the kitchen, pulled up the box, and sure enough, there it was. Also, the "Gluten-Free" is no longer the black and white certified gluten-free circle, it's just a generic grain pic with "gluten free" under it. Looking closely at the ingredients, it has "grain dextrins" -- not sure how I missed those before; they don't list the dextrose source -- and "certified gluten free oats" -- that explains some things, for me at least!! I am going to write the company to see if their formulas and certification status has indeed changed, that way I'll know if it's them or if it's me. When I first ate them, I was newly gluten free, and as time goes by, I seem to be getting more and more able to detect trace amounts by my reactions. Just want to encourage you to read your labels of your Good Greens bars if you eat them.
  3. Yes, I do use ground flax and chia in my smoothies and foods. However, when I travel or have a hectic work schedule, I'm not able to do this as often as I like, and find myself relying on gluten-free protein bars and other foods that make constipation an issue. I'm specifically looking for capsules or other dissolve-able powders that have good portability and convenience for those times when an occasional apple and leafy greens are not enough.
  4. I just want to put this out here for other people who may be struggling with these issues: You are not alone. I have been a hair-puller (trichotillomania) for all my adult life. I get intense itching and feel that the only relief I can find is to remove the hair at the source of itching. When I first went gluten-free, I noticed that the intensity of the itching and the urge to pull went away. Then I learned about DH. When I'm accidentally glutened, the bumps on my head come back, and the urge to scratch/itch/pull is uncontrollable. I don't get any relief, and by the time I'm done ravaging my hair, I've got a bald spot. Glutening also makes me a demon-possessed acquirer of things. I will go on shopping binges. It doesn't matter what it is...shoes, scarves, pens, whatever comes up as a need at the moment turns into a day-long mission to find as many of that thing as I can come up with. A couple days later, I look back, and I'm like "what was I thinking?" When I don't have gluten, I'm fine, and can easily use "executive decision making" to determine what is really needed and what is not. My dad, who also had undiagnosed celiac disease, was the same way. When he died, and we cleaned out his drawers of things, we found collections of watches, pens, eraser refills, tie tacks...You name it...there wasn't just one, two, or three of things...but dozens. And we also heard that his brother did the same thing, but his penchant was for coffee. He had chest freezers full of coffee imported from Costa Rica. My anxiety levels pre-diagnosis of gluten sensitivity were off the charts. I would stress at everything, My heart rate would accelerate to 180bpm for no apparent reason. I was diagnosed with dysautonomia, but Ativan would bring my heart rate down and my thinking more clear. I had an overwhelming sense of dread at everything. Depression? Don't even get me started...No amount of Lexapro or Amitriptyline could lift me up.... Migraines were the worst. It was as if my brain was dying one quadrant at a time. The fact that low cerebellar volume has been associated with celiac disease is not surprising to me. I can actually feel my brain being killed when I'm glutened. I would get dizzy, unable to walk a straight line. Fibromyalgia? Intense. Everything hurt. All the time. After being 6 months gluten-free, I am a new person. I can exercise again. I don't go in the the blank stare/anti-able-to-concentrate state. But even the slightest amount of cross-contamination sends me into hell. Bumps on my head, a feeling of worthlessness and hopelessness, I start packing things away like a squirrel saves nuts, I can't focus, and I get migraine more intensely than I have before. I don't think there is enough research being done on the neurological impacts of gluten. I believe in my heart of hearts that the damage is just as severe, if not worse, than damage done to the gut in celiacs. I am convinced that so many of the behavioral problems we see in society today are gluten-related. ADHD, autism, insatiable appetite (hence obesity), OCD, chronic pain, Alzheimer's etc etc.... So if you are suffering, know that you are not alone. Stay away from gluten, eat lots of green leafy veg, fruits, and you will be fine.
  5. Hello - I know I've seen posts here before about the best fiber supplements for celiacs, but I can't seem to find any current ones using search! I'm only coming up with early years...let's get a topic going for late 2012? Yesterday, hubby brought home some Metamucil capsules labeled as "Gluten-Free" but the gluten-free has an asterisk footnote *less than 20ppm. I have had reactions to these trace amounts in the past. Online, I found some products: 1) Heather's Tummy acacia fiber 2) Now brand psyllium with apple pectin - Does anyone have experience with these? Also, are there other recommendations? Is anyone using Metamucil caps or any other brand successfully?
  6. Amy's Burrito's

    I have had difficulty with Amy's products, especially the burritos. I couldn't understand why, until I read the "processed in a facility with wheat..." statement hidden in the seam of the package. My symptoms were bumps on my scalp. I find that I get DH-type flares on my head when I don't get strong GI symptoms. I wrote the company, and I got the usual "we test our products and meet the FDA threshold for calling our products gluten-free" blah blah blah I know what I know when I eat something. It doesn't happen every time I eat a burrito, but it's happened enough that I now just stay away from them completely. After much trial and error, I've learned three major things: 1) I only eat certified gluten-free packaged foods. If it says "gluten-free,: but doesn't have the handy black and white gluten-free with a circle around it (In the US), I stay away and 2) I cannot tolerate gluten-free oats 3) I feel my best when the only things I eat are cooked from scratch at home. Glad I am not alone with the Amy's products; my advice to others would be to stay away.
  7. If doing it for yourself isn't enough, then do it for your children. Think of the hell you will save them from IF you have celiac, and IF you can pass it on to them genetically. They can start their lives free from this pain. I am facing a situation where I asked for the blood test, but the doctor failed to tell me that being full-gluten was a requirement. I had been gluten-free for four weeks, and yet I still tested positive for the EMA IgA antibody. (Negative for the gliadin antibodies). Now I have to back to go full gluten and get the biopsy. (Not looking forward to this at all!) It sounds like your husband is being defensive. For someone who hasn't experienced the daily hell of intolerance, they see a life without pizza, pasta, and bread as hell. People are afraid of "living without." I told my mom about this and she told me she'll take all the pasta I'm throwing out of my cupboard. She has severe osteopenia, obesity, and diabetes. She should stop wheat based on my history. But she's in denial. I suggest writing out your personal history in detail. Then also write out your family history. Take your husband with you to a doctor appointment, where he can hear you recite the history, and ask the doctor questions himself. Let him hear from the doctor that the doctor wants a test. If you involve him in the process, he is less likely to be defensive. Celiac (even gluten intolerance) is serious stuff. I have been to hell and back with autonomic dysfunction, POTS, fibromyalgia, severe anxiety, heart palpitations, dehydration, depression. $500 is a small price to pay if you consider the cost of what no diagnosis means to you and your family. Just make sure you spend the money wisely and get gluten back in your system for several weeks before you go. The tests DO need you to be on gluten.
  8. Also, for what it's worth.... A couple years ago during a routine physical, my C-Reactive Protein came back at .96 -- double the upper limit of .5 CRP measures inflammation in the body
  9. The other assays on the test were normal, under 20, which was the threshold for negative. This is where I think being gluten-free before the test hurt me. My thyroid has checked out ok, but my iron saturation is weak (19%) and my Vitamin D was low ("4") before I started 50,000 IU a week, now 35.
  10. I have been suffering with many things intensely over the past 5 years. I used to be fairly healthy except for chronic allergies and sinus problems, then suddenly I was hit with 60 pound weight gain, migraine, fibromyalgia, intense diarrhea alternating with constipation, depression, anxiety, arthritis, cancer, on and on. I've seen 9 specialists (including a GI) who never once suggested celiac. For what it's worth, my father became lactose intolerant later in life, had diabetes, got really fat, became bowel incontinent with diarrhea, then wasted away, etc. Looking back I think he was an undiagnosed celiac. I read Dr. Davis' book "Wheat Belly," and avoided wheat for a few weeks. I felt generally better, then reintroduced wheat. Within 12 hours I had a migraine, and within 36 hrs. I was on the toilet at least 5 times with the telltale stool (you know which one I'm talking about.) I continued to avoid wheat and gluten as much as possible until my appointment, because I didn't want to get sick again. I made an appointment at the Cleveland Clinic to talk to an Immunologist. (I didn't realize this was considered the domain of GI. It's an autoimmune disease, after all). She ordered a blood panel, which came back abnormal. (I'm mad, because I told her I'd been avoiding all wheat for 3-4 weeks, and she said that wouldn't influence the results. I didn't know if she was running a genetic test or what. Here it was the antibody tests, which ARE influenced by gluten consumption. Grrrr.) Are these indicative of Celiac with a great degree of certainty? What about the fact I had been gluten-free for almost a month? Here are my results: IgA - 138 Endomysial AB IgA - 1:20 - ABNORMAL Gliadin IgG Abs - 14 Gliadin IgA Abs - 5 Transglutaminase - 14 Today I heard from the Celiac Disease Ctr (Chicago) via Twitter that no blood test will confirm Celiac, and that I will have to resume consuming gluten for a biopsy. I couldn't get an appointment with the GI until the end of March (and that's just for the initial consult). I'm sure the biopsy would be another 3-4 weeks on top of the month I'm already waiting. I cannot stand the thought of dealing with this sickness for another two months. I am so tired of not getting good information. Should I just tough it out, and keep eating gluten until I get the diagnosis verified and in writing? Are the "benefits" of documented disease worth it? Are there amounts I can eat that will get the positive results without sending me into feeling like death? I'd appreciate anyone's advice, experience with these lab results, and most of all, the name of a good doctor in Cleveland. Thank you! PS - Nice Domino's Pizza banner ad on the left. :-< Sheesh.