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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. The steroid prescribed is Budesonide EC 3 mg. The warnings said let your Dr. know if you have glaucoma. I have recently been diagnosed with that as well. Has anyone else had experience with the same scenario? I have contacted both the gastroenterologist and the opthamologist and am waiting for them to respond back. If you have collagenous colitis and have taken steroid treatment, please let me know about your experience as well.
  2. I was just diagnosed with Collagenous colitis but not celiac. I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy a week ago with 6 biopsies along duodendum and colon. I'll be treated with a steroid for the inflammation and advised to follow low fiber, low fat, dairy free, gluten free, no caffeine, no alcohol, cooked fruits and vegetables diet. Do you know of a on-line support group for this? Any recommended reference books? Coping mechanisms?
  3. I have now had the biopsies taken. I have been in a lot of abdominal pain. They also found diverticula in my sigmoid colon and polyps in my stomach. I made it to the appointment with the Opthamologist today and they ruled out scleritis but said I have glaucoma! Please tell me how this happened. Also, please let me know if you've found a diet reference book that helps you get the nutrition you need while you are also eliminating foods that may be causing your symptoms. Does anyone else have large, puffy sacks under their eyes? I've just developed these since becoming ill. If so, what are you doing to reduce the swelling there. Now that it is warm outside, my ankles and lower legs are swelling too. Are these all symptoms of this disease? I am not overweight and my blood pressure is normal.
  4. After a few years of uncomfortable cramping and flatulence and limiting dairy in my diet, I experienced fecal incontinence in December. Since then my symptoms of diarrhea, cramping, flatulence, nausea and acid reflex have increased dramatically. At the suggestion of my primary care physician, I tried a gluten free, dairy free diet for a couple of weeks and felt better, although the symptoms didn't go completely away. The stool and blood samples ordered at that time have come back normal. I did not have a blood test for Celiac though. I am scheduled for an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy (for collagenous colitis) biopsies in 10 days. I have to follow the Drs. orders to eat a gluten diet in preparation for the testing. Otherwise I will not be covered by my employers sick pay and health insurance benefits. I am experiencing acute symptoms and the prescibed Imodium isn't helping. Any suggestions in how to cope with the diarrhea and pain during this pre-test period will be appreciated. I am not able to go to work while experiencing diarrhea and the cramping. My previous health history includes treatment for hypothyroid for about 25 years and scalp psoriasis for 2 years. I recently developed scleritis in one eye which responded to prednisone drops.
  5. I am suffering from fecal incontinence. There is no warning. It may be hard to understand if you haven't experienced it.
  6. [*]My family physician told me there was no test for Celiac disease. She did tell me to eat a gluten-free dairy-free diet for possible IBS however. The stool and blood tests she did order came back normal. Is the ALB an accurate blood test for Celiac disease? My result was 4.1. The range on the report was 3.2 - 4.8 for normal. [*]I have always had a lot of gas and cramping with milk and ice cream but I thought I was tolerating cheese and butter and dairy in other pre-made foods. [*]I am going to a gastroenterologist soon for chronic diarrhea. I also have left side pain. It feels like a constant stitch in my side like I'd been running. [*]I've also stopped taking any ibuprophen, and no longer drink anything with caffeine or alcohol. I am also avoiding beans, cabbage family vegetables and chocolate. [*]I have been treated for hypothyroid for about 26 years and scalp psoriasis for 2 years. Since going on the gluten-free dairy-free diet my scalp is feeling better but the side pain remains. I'm still hoping the recurring diarrhea doesn't return. I have just joined this forum and would appreciate any feedback. If I can control what I have been going through with changes in my diet, I am more than willing to do it.