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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Anyone From North Carolina

    I'm from Monroe, where a new Celiac Sprue shop just opened (along with a bakery). Haven't tried them yet, but someday I'll get the time!
  2. Red Heads

    I'm a redhead! I heard from a fellow celiac (who is brunette, by the way) that celiac disease seems to be more common along the Irish/Scottish hereditary line. If that's true (I'm skeptical), maybe there is a link!
  3. Casein Intolerance

    Saw this thread and thought I'd revive it to see if there are further discussion. I have maintained that I am lactose intolerant along with my gluten intolerance. I have only consumed lactose-free milk with my Chex every once in awhile with no serious complications. It seems my diet has been otherwise dairy free, since I'm "scared" of dairy right now. Last night, I got brave enough to put a slice of Swiss cheese on my turkey burger patty and WHOA! Within 30 minutes I got a WAY too full feeling, back pain, and bloating. Today, I had to stay home from work--mostly due to my abdominal pain, but also to be close to my own, personal bathroom. Does this point to casein sensitivity too? I'm having major trouble finding stuff to read about it (everything is focused on the allergy, not the intolerance, and I'm not swelling or getting hives). I thought I was smart picking Swiss since it's really low in lactose. Exasperating.
  4. I've been very low on energy pretty chronically for the past 6 years now. Interestingly, low energy periods always coincided with abdominal pain (very similar to what MS sufferers call the "bear hug"). Other symptoms progressively got worse: shortness of breath, joint pain, chest pain, nerve pain, back pain (sciatica), anxiety, and others. Two trips to the MRI cleared me of any major problems. Blood tests in 2010 FINALLY picked up what had become SEVERE anemia and Vitamin D deficiency (my doctor wondered how I was still walking around). Doc told me that anemia that bad can only come from a bleed. I had upper and lower endoscopy to look for those bleeds, but only one benign polyp was found and removed. After that, the advice was to take iron and D supplements and call if symptoms got worse. I had already suspected I was lactose intolerant, so I cut dairy out and looked for improvement, and there was some--although I still felt horrible by the end of every, single day. It wasn't until I ate a particularly bread-heavy breakfast one morning that I suspected gluten may be the issue. Anyway, my whole point here is that I went through my medical records the other day and realized that there was never a blood test done to measure anti-gliadin antibodies. Anyone else have a similar misadventure? I'm just wondering if those tests may have made things a little less miserable and drawn out. Plus, I don't even think the upper endoscopy went as far as my duodenum...they were looking for stomach ulcers.
  5. Struggling With Energy

    Yep, I'm very new to this, and I was practically singing cheers that I didn't have the horrible pain in my abdomen and that I was able to make it through a day's work without doubling over in agony. Then, I noticed the lack of energy. I'm a teacher, so I must keep my brain on all the time, which can be tough when that brain decides to run out of steam halfway through. I'm not eating any processed foods and whole foods never quite seem to satisfy. I've heard from many on these forums that I'm withdrawing from gluten, not getting the complex carbs I used to, and that patience and healing were the order for the next few months. So, I will do my best as I wait for better results. This isn't fun, but it stills beats the alternative. All the best! PS. 38 male, 6', 210 lbs
  6. M&Ms

    Good post! I will be following this thread for updates, since M&Ms are one of the things I hoped I could hold on to (once I'm less afraid of lactose products). It's been VERY difficult finding a chocolate fix with no lactose. Hoping M&Ms will be labeling for gluten too.
  7. Day 6 Of gluten-free Diet

    Thanks for the great replies, everyone! Being new to this, it kind of sucks walking through a grocery store and trying to bravely walk past all the things I love. Every time I get brave and try something on the shelf labeled gluten-free, I pay for it all day. I have not eaten out yet. I do share a household with non-celiacs and a baby who eats wheat-based foods. My family and I do our best to keep from cross-contaminating (my wife is SafeServ certified, which helps ) I will definitely follow the advice that whole foods must be my diet for quite a while. Also, is it normal to feel stomach pain for awhile, even when I'm being good? Sometimes I just feel a deep ache below my ribs. Is this what healing feels like?
  8. So, day 3 of my gluten-free journey felt miraculous! The pain in my gut was gone and it felt amazing being able to stand at work for 8 hours without doubling over. Then, on day 6, I'm bloated and generally feel full and kind of gross. I've read and read to see if changing my gluten-filled diet to a gluten-free diet can cause stomach upset and bloat. Today, the culprit seemed to be a gluten-free, dairy-free muffin from a new celiac shop in town. It was pretty tasty, but it just hit me wrong. Is this familiar, or common? Should I stay away from the pre-packaged gluten-free foods for a little while? Thanks!