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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. It's literally only been 3 days, not even a full week. The vanishing of symptoms could even be a placebo effect (not everything went away, just lack of headache and nausea), I'm trying to keep that in mind. But considering I've always had digestive problems, and a few other symptoms that seem to be common in celiac's, I want to rule it out at the very least. Even while I was sick though, I was eating toast and the like, and prior, bread is a huge part of my diet (I adore pasta) but I'll talk to him about it and see what the doctor says. I'm seeing my family doctor as well, the day before for follow up on my UTI, and I plan on mentioning it to him, he's a billion times more patient friendly.
  2. They didn't run any others, no. I got a call today and my biopsy did come back negative but NO it was not a specific to look for Celiac. So. I go in on the 13th, and I'm going to request bloodwork and try to get him to talk to me more in depth It's frustrating to get a call "Found nothing, we don't know, sorry" then I have to be the one to be like "Can I have a follow up?" urg. Doctors why. I haven't SEEN the biopsy results myself though, I'm going to request a copy when I go in. This was just over the phone.
  3. I know how you feel. It's one of those things where I'm not sure if I should say "I'm sorry " or "Yay!" because, urg. IBS is more of a symptom, it means something is causing it. Did you doctor not give you any suggestions or did they just leave you with "Probably IBS"? I'd take Mushrooms suggestion (It's my plan if I hear something similar) on testing how gluten free has an effect on you, if you get better. Hope you do! Soon!
  4. It's All Starting To Fit Now!

    I'm shocked, after all I've seen in these forums, that during my endoscopy (looking for ulcers) my doctor decided to take biopsies to test for celiac. He never ONCE mentioned this to me before hand. He mentioned it in passing after my endoscopy was done (I didn't even know what he said, I saw him for like 20 seconds and wooooosh he was gone again) but on my report, there it was. "Biopsies taken with cold forceps to test for celiac." Now if only he'd talk to me about it He's not very patient friendly, as I said, I barely have seen him. I haven't gotten my results back, but seeing that then learning about it, everything seems to just CLICK. But the thing is, I would have NEVER thought to check for celiac, so I'm glad I found a doctor who actually did. I saw in another thread, if you can get tested for it, then probably should? The point was "if you KNOW you're less likely to cheat" which I think is true. I know it would be for me anyway haha BUT still, if you're feeling better (either way) then that's awesome! It's what everyone wants.
  5. Apparently my family physician is NOT running blood panels for celiac and I'll need to have more blood taken now if I want that done, with my GI doctor. I guess it all depends on what my endoscopy says but. . Should I go back on gluten now just in case? I'm scared to because I don't want all my symptoms rushing back at me (I'm having constipation, pain, and dehydrating real easy now) but I'm scared of my nausea hitting me full force again, and the pain getting worse. But. I don't know. I feel really lost right now to be honest.
  6. The period thing gives me some hope! I'm 23 now, and I've been on birthcontrol since I was a teenager. I have awful, long, painful periods. They usually last at least a full week (I had one a couple months ago that lasted 3 long painful weeks) but everything is just fine as far as my ovaries and everything goes. Hoping maybe if my doctor figures out what's going on with me, I'll get a similar result. How nice would that be? I'm also in the same boat of "You tell me 'you have IBS' I might punch you in the face' hahah But that's awesome for you! I'd be shocked too
  7. Sorry if TMI, but I was constipated for the last few days (I hadn't had a bowel movement since Thursday morning, early and it was very small then I felt like I needed to go but I couldn't) now I'm back to having diarrhea I'm very scared about what's going on with me, I keep flying back and forth between being semi-okay (only thing consistent is my pain) and crashing to the ground. I just wish I knew what was happening...
  8. I'm eating banana, and egg too to try and have some protein. My appetite is very low right now, but I'm trying to keep myself fed lol Thanks so much for your replies This seems like a really nice forum. I know I won't hear from the doctor over the weekend (Urg. I hate waiting on all these labs. Driving me crazy) but I'm starting my iron supplements they called in for me and gonna try and keep gluten free for the time being, hopefully I'll be okay for work this week. I've missed so much! But I'll post my results when they come in.
  9. Thank you for responding! He already took the biopsy yesterday, there just wasn't a lot of talk about it (I saw him for like 20 seconds after my endoscopy before he was gone in a flash) And my regular doctor is running labs off blood they took last week. So I'm hoping if I stick to rice, mashed potatoes, eggs and such, things that are easy on my stomach AND gluten free, I'll start feeling better. I've been missing way too much work because of this already. They're putting me on an iron supplement, which I'm about to go pick up. It sounds like the lack of iron is causing some problems (Fatigue, joint paint, headaches... Possibly the anxiety? I've never had problems with anxiety before this year but I have battled depression before) but the abdominal pain, bloating, vomiting/nausea, diarrhea/constipation is still going unexplained for me unless I just also happen to have a nasty case of gastritis. Which may be case, I don't know at this point. If I am told I DO NOT have Celiac from the biopsy, should I ask about a gluten-free (or less) diet anyway and see what they say? I've been reading it does help people with stomach problems, even if its labeled IBS. I really just want to get better...
  10. Hey guys. I found this forum while trying to do some research after my doctors (Family and the GI doctor I saw) mentioned Celiac to me. I've always felt like I had a weak stomach, prone to stomach upset and diarrhea AND constipation things like that. I get tired easy, I go through what seems like RANDOM bouts of depression and anxiety (Especially in the last couple months) I eat a lot of bread, I'd say it's a big focus of my diet. Well, in November I got sick. Horrible vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain. I was in the ER overnight, they said I had a high white count (About 17,000) which usually indicates a virus so that's all I thought it was. Starting a few weeks ago I was having sudden anxiety issues. Then on Feb 16th, I got sick again, same thing. Vomiting, diarrhea, a lot of abdominal pain. And it hasn't stopped. I've had sudden days where I think I'm better, but then I crash again fast. I was told I had a UTI (UTI from hell, it widthstood a round of Cipro, and now I'm on Macrobid). Last Wednesday my bloodsugar levels dropped to 21 (yikes) but have been fine ever since (staying in the 90s). I had an endoscopy yesterday because of suspected ulcers, but of course there were none, so my doctor took a biopsy to test for Celiac. But he barely mentioned it while I was in the recovery room, then he was gone (onto the next patient). Now I feel constipated (despite having soft stools), I still have abdominal pain, mainly on the left side. I get spasms of pain on my lower back, and even on 8mg of zofran I get slammed with heavy nausea. Of course, the past few days I've also been eating tortillas and toast to be easy on my stomach, which I know have gluten (the celiac wasn't mentioned to me till yesterday and then today by my family doctor) I was called today being told my bloodcells are small and a little pale, and I have a pretty severe iron deficiency. I know Celiac can cause problems with iron absorption. I'm avoiding Gluten now, just to be on the safe side until my GI doctor gets back to me, but if they don't figure out what's wrong with me soon I'm going to scream lol It's been a rough, miserable two weeks. At least Celiac would be an answer. Though honestly I'm a little scared, which is why I'm posting here. My GI Doctor was very detached and not very patient friendly so he didn't exactly leave me feeling comforted.