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  1. Thank you for welcoming me to the forum! I really appreciate it. I've been on the diet for a bit over two years now, and have been as strict as I can with it. Living with my husband who is pretty attached to gluten makes it a bit difficult, but I manage. I think I will talk to a doctor about the issues that I've been going through. Thanks so much for your help! I do plan on sticking around, as this is the first and most helpful Celiac forum that I've really gotten into.
  2. I've been diagnosed with several different illnesses following Celiac's, but even through treating all of those as best as possible, and even doing the diet, there has been very little change in my symptoms. Now, even, I am wondering if maybe there is still an illness that is.. hiding, I suppose? I've done the horrible deed of looking up what it could be over the internet, and all I can come up with is that it may be Lupus. Because I have Celiac's, a few symptoms of Lupus, and a mother with Lupus, I can't help but wonder. Are my chances of having Lupus higher because of my family history of it mixed with the Celiac's? Or is it just presumptuous of me to assume it may be that?