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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Yeah...I know the whole deal on having to stay on gluten til all the tests are done (I haven't gone off it yet). I'm not sure I'm completely comfortable with the idea of an endoscopy. I'm more worried about the procedure itself, I guess ...the having to be sedated thing freaks me out. I've always been horrified of doctors and tests and procedures...However, id rather be sure about the celiac so I don't have issues down the line. For me, it just getting up the courage. If I had gotten a positive blood test, I most likely would have proceded without the endoscopy...but since I got a negative I think I want one more. Thanks for your advice/suggestions. Appreciate it mucho.
  2. Thanks for your reply. He said he was going to refer me to a gastroenterologist, but really only to do a breath test to make sure the h. pylori is gone once I finish the medication. I could definitely talk to the gastro about a possible endoscopy. I did find some stuff on a connection between celiac and h pylori...I decided to look it up when I got home from my appt yesterday. it's interesting to read that a lot of people get the h pylori when they are children and it just kind of sleeps away for years, waiting for it's moment to wreak havoc. Not sure if that's how it worked in my case...but man, it's been a crazy, scary, annoying, tiring 3 months. It's great to finally have some type of answer as to what's been happening and a solution to go with it. I'm not ruling out the possibility of a gluten intolerance just yet...like I said, I'm going to try a gluten free lifestyle for a while and see if there are any changes or improvements. Dairy also gives me issues. So ill probably have to chuck that...which shouldn't be toooooooo hard, I've led a vegan diet before.
  3. the tests show a big negatory. i had extensive blood testing done, so they didnt only test for possible celiac, but many other things. i'll just focus on the celiac-related stuff here. i hope i do this right! (let me know if any results are missing and i'll look for them on my work up) GLIADIN AB (IGA) 7 (<11, negative) GLIADIN AB (IGG) < 3 (<11, in range) tTG AB (IGG) < 3 (<7, negative) tTG AB (IGA) < 3 (<5, negative) did i miss anything? i DID, however, test positive for h. pylori...hmmmmmm...i'm thinking i'm still going to try gluten free because i'm sure that eating gluten contributed to my lame feelings. i was prescribed prevpac. i'm also going to be taking a probiotic (that i got a few days ago and started taking already) so i can recolonize my poor gut with some good bacteria. any tips on taking antibiotics and probiotics? i'm guessing i shouldnt take them at the same time...how long should i wait after taking the antibiotic meds to take my probiotic (i have fivelac, by the way...only been going a few days with it). is there any reason i should NOT take the probiotic while taking the antibiotic (and just wait until i'm done with the medication)? in addition, they're going to give me iron intravenously because that was low...which we knew was probably the case from my first appointment thanks for your help, people. you're all full of helpfulnessisms.
  4. I feel the same way. I've been experiencing these weird, uncomfortable, scary symptoms for nearly 3 months now...and tomorrow ill hopefully get some answers and be on my way to a solution. You never want to be told you have any disease or condition...but when you feel like crap, you want to know what is going on and what you can do about it. here's to you and your health!
  5. Edit: I lied the gpb also has wheat germ oil. I just looked at one of my bottles.
  6. I had been using aubrey oranics for a while before all of this...and it looks like I might have to find a new brand. Wah. Their gpb is gluten free, so ill probably stick with that, but a couple of my other favorites - honeysuckle rose & white camellia are made with wheat germ oil. ...I only use natural products on my hair. No chemicals, no silicones/plastics, no sulfates, no alcohol etc. it seems that recently ao has been using alcohol in more of their products...so I probably woulda switched whether it had to do with gluten/wheat or not. Hm...maybe ill whip my own conditioner up when I want to.
  7. Hahahaha. no dragon can keep me from my records! Pfft especially not puny mini ones. But yeah, they've been really good about providing me with results from any tests they do, so that's been helpful. Tomorrow's the day! I'm really nervous, yet...I can't freakin wait!
  8. Well, I *hope* if it were something alarming or really important that they had to discuss with you, they'd have you come in sooner than 5 days...I hope all turns out well! Best wishes. : )
  9. Ttg Down!

    Yay! Keep up the great work. : )
  10. Glad to hear! Here's to you and your health. ; )
  11. That was my intention, actually. I'm going to try out a completely gluten free diet for a while and see how it works over time. Gluten free shopping shall commence later this week. Ill stick with mostly whole foods and keep the processed gluten free stuff to a minimum (though, I'm sure ill pick up a few things). I'm definitely listening to my body more.
  12. Lol...I just realized I said "without me having to sLay anything" hahaha. Sheesh. Thanks for the advice and encouragement.
  13. Thanks so much. They've been giving me copies of my bloodwork info so far without me having to slay anything...so hopefully they'll continue to do so. Ill ask if they don't, though.
  14. I kinda feel the same way. I'm hoping it's celiac because I can make lifestyle changes and be in control...and eventhough ill always have celiac (IF I do have it, I mean), it makes a difference knowing that I can do something to reduce the crazy symptoms and actually feel good. of course, i'd rather not have any disease, but if I'm gonna have one...I wish it to be one that I can fix and if I can't "fix" it...id like to be in control of it. Best wishes with your endoscopy...hope all goes well! I'm still in the blood testing phase. I've been thinking of the possibility of an endoscopy...it scares me. Haha. I'm such a wuss. I'm not sure ill have the GUTS to do it... Yeah, I know...cheeeesy.
  15. ...to discuss blood test results. it's been 2 weeks since I had all those vials of blood taken and they haven't called so I *hoooopppppe* that means there isn't anything alarming. I find myself getting nervous as Monday gets closer. Will a gluten intolerance/celiac be detected? I don't know...in any event, I'm just ready to get on the journey to feeling better. I just hope they did all the tests I requested and that the doctor said would be done during the first visit. I should've asked during my last appt to make sure, but I had trouble thinking of too much. Ill come back with results for help with interpretation...but I have a feeling this doctor (hematologist) might actually know his stuff. Guess we'll have to see. Ill post results here whether he seems knowledgeable or not lol. ((Deep breath iiiiiinnnn and ouuuuuuuuuut))