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  1. Celiac And Now Ms. :(

    Missy - I was 34 with my first bout with optic neuritis (now 43). I'm not sure I really missed anything in the 9 years as I don't have any significant symptoms and sure hope it stays that way as I hear some are symptom free for very long stretches. The things the neurologist asked was any feeling of pins and needles, lack of balance/coordination, any bladder control issues. I guess I do occasionally have the pins and needles in my feet but it's certainly not noteworthy and I've never noted any big issues with balance/coordination other than normal clumsiness. I assume you had an MRI when you had optic neuritis? I wouldn't stress about it as I'm pretty darn convinced that stress is a huge trigger in auto-immune diseases and both episodes of optic neuritis were following stressful time periods for me. Did your vision return after the optic neuritis? My left eye was impacted the 1st time and it took several months but went back to normal. My right eye was impacted this time and it's still not 100% back but holding out hope that it will improve more over time.
  2. Celiac And Now Ms. :(

    I like the Neurologist ok but have had limited experience with him so I guess you could say the jury is out. I got the impression that he didn't go into a great detail as an appointment with such a diagnosis is obviously overwhelming - what I know is that 8 years ago I didn't have spots and now I do although he said "a couple" so I didn't light up like a Xmas tree which is the way someone once described it to me. I am starting medication because I want to feel like I have some control and know the current treatments have come a long way in preventing flare ups. I'll go for a follow-up in a few weeks once I start so I'll have a chance to ask a lot of questions then. My insurance (through husband's work) is with a major teaching hospital about an hour away with an MS center and I'm strongly considering making an appointment. It's actually advantageous financially to see docs within the hospital system with a much lower co-pay but I tend to go local for the convenience factor. My Vitamin D was in the normal range on my last celiac lab but do plan to watch it and use it as an excuse to spend as much time in the sun as Spring has finally sprung. I have read bits and pieces about celiac mimicking MS however I was on a rather strict gluten-free diet for 3 years before this episode (minus one oops with butterscotch chips back in December). It makes me skeptical that I can blame this on the celiac unfortunately as much as I would like to. I'm also trying to modify my diet to include more anti-inflammatory foods. Open to other ideas if anyone has them. Appreciate the supportive words!
  3. Celiac And Now Ms. :(

    I was diagnosed with celiac just over 3 years ago at age 40 but had mild symptoms for years that I brushed off. Symptoms finally intensified and I got tired of bring told I had reflux, a bad gall bladder, hormone fluctuations and asked to be tested for celiac. So darn frustrated to have yet another condition to deal with.
  4. Anyone else have both? I had my 2nd bout with optic neuritis in late February (ophthalmologist first though uveitis). 1st was 9 years ago and at that time MRI was clear. No other MS like symptoms but MRI showed a couple inflammatory spots enough for the neurologist to diagnose. Hoping that along with the gluten-free diet (which it sounds like many MSers are trying) and medication I'll be able to prevent and/or slow any further advancement.
  5. My celiac daughter goes to middle school next year. She does have a 504 but I need to schedule a meeting with the school and determine how to handle as she has some kind of "life skills" class that includes cooking. Following this topic... great ideas.
  6. Gummy multi-vitamin and gummy probiotic. Her labs were perfect when last checked with this combination.
  7. I just had optic neuritis in Feb/Mar which causes severe blurriness - this was my 2nd time (1st time was pre-celiac diagnosis). At first the ophthalmologist indicated it was uveitis which can also cause blurriness but when it didn't improve with drops, diagnosed it as optic neuritis. I'm not sure if it's my celiac or something else autoimmune going on with me. I get the MRI and neurology follow up in the next couple weeks. I had no signs of MS when tested in the past but they need to go through all the tests again to rule that out. I wish there was a specific doctor that specialized in auto-immune conditions as a whole as I feel like if the MRI doesn't show MS, the neurologist will dismiss it as a fluke. Would love to figure out what's causing my ongoing inflammation.
  8. Great info - thanks! I take Culturelle daily. Have you found taking it at night more effective? Do you have a brand of digestive enzymes you recommend? I think I may need to add that to my regimen.
  9. Any tricks you have for how you narrowed down your intolerances? I'm so bad at keeping a food log. I was diagnosed over 3 years ago and feeling pretty good until recently (with some ups and downs). Now I'm dealing with bloating a few times a week. My doc suggested trying the low fodmap diet but I notice that a lot of the items that many with celiac are intolerant to are considered good to eat on that particular diet. I did a round of xifaxan to rule out bacterial overgrowth and take culturelle daily.
  10. Yep - I have online lab results. Like I said, mine have always been normal to high. Last labs showed B12 981 pg/mL range 211-946. Since it was marked as high, I stopped taking the supplement. Trying to be patient - no change yet (but it's only been 24 hours) with the drops.
  11. Bad Constipation; Wheat Bran Only Thing That Helps?

    Miralax has helped my daughter . Probiotics seem to help me with regularity. So sorry to hear she's suffering so bad and unable to get the necessary tests. What about good old fashioned prune juice?
  12. Thanks for the link. I had been taking B12 supplements when first diagnosed but my last couple labs showed my levels in the high range and had stopped thinking that I was getting plenty in diet alone. I think I'll start that back up with the history of eye issues I've had.
  13. Quick update for those following the topic. I just got back from the ophthalmologist and he doesn't think it's optic neuritis this time. He does see a lot of inflammation in my right eye and diagnosed it as uveitis. He says it's common to have uveitis with various inflammatory bowel disorders. I have steroid eye drops that he expects to work pretty quickly. Just got over a stomach bug or a glutening 2 weeks ago so it seems plausible that this is the cause this time. Feeling relieved that this will do the trick. Optic neuritis was treated with 3 days of IV steroids and multiple brain MRIs and I was dreading having to go through that again.
  14. Will do! Can you give me a quick list of the foods that you've found to be inflammatory? Up until recently, as long as it was gluten free, I was feeling great! I'm sure coffee is at the top of the list but I'm not yet ready to give that up. EEK!
  15. Thanks - I hope others chime in as well. Computer screens and bright neon lights (such as grocery stores) are bad. My eyes adjust and feel normal with more dim/natural light or when I'm wearing sunglasses. I did make an eye appointment for this week (I was overdue anyhow). I also happen to have a celiac followup with the GI next week. I've been having more celiac like digestive issues in recent weeks as well so I think overall inflammation is likely the cause here - very frustrating as I'm strictly gluten free. I'm cutting out milk in hopes that helps. Last time my eyes did get better overtime so I'm hopeful for the same thing this time but it's challenging working at a computer all day right now. I'd like to avoid an appointment with the neurologist if possible - they seem to only want to link optic neuritis with MS but as of last MRI I had no signs of that.