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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Need To Vent About My Symptoms

    Honestly I haven't done the whole diet thing...but from a mental point of view, stress can trigger symptoms. All this different dieting, wondering and keeping track of yourself has to create some stress. I know when I'm stressed my eczema appears and gets pretty bad, for once example. Stress is probably only one meager part of it, but it's a good part to really look at. And I can relate to your headache issues and no energy. I haven't been able to find out what I can do to fix that for myself. I hope to get b12 shots, I recommend that for you as well, since it's straight into your blood system. The headache part I can't help with, mine aren't from gluten allergy but from a spine issue. Good luck!
  2. Negative Biopsy

    I'm not doctor, obviously, but if the blood tests are positive I'd say you have celiac. If it's literally looking at your "tract" and you haven't eaten gluten then it would be negative. And I would think regardless if your blood test was positive, no matter the GI tract test, then it doesn't matter. I'm told I'm celiac and I honestly don't have many issues aside from joint, teeth issues, vitamin deficiency, passing out once in awhile and bloating/stomach aches. I bet if I had my tract checked it wouldn't be that bad and may even be negative, etc, even when I do eat gluten.
  3. ceiliac disease is hereditary.
  4. I'm interested in this. I have migraines everyday myself, due to spine/neck issues. I use Ibuprofen myself, although I prefer it since it's not as bad for your organs versus other medicines. I'm not sure if it contains gluten or not, but I don't have issues with it myself.
  5. Feel free to move this into a new section since I'm new here. I have had issues with health for years and recently, around christmas, I had blood test results come back saying I am one number from being technically "celiac." You need an 11 or higher to be counted as "positive" and I have a ten. Can't remember exactly what the number represented, some type of antibodies? I forget quite honestly. Also very low on b12 and vitamin D. I started taking a bunch of vitamin recommended by a holistic doctor I go to..but I don't think I absorb anything. I didn't think celiac was really that bad until recently I've been having bloating problems, stomach issues, etc. And recently, last week, I've been having this really strange lip issue. First it started out that my lips were really dry for the first two days and when I drank pop my upper lip felt tingly and numbish. Then the third day I woke up and my upper lip(not the outside, but the inside by gums)was swollen and hurt. The next day I woke up with blood crusted on my lips, painful, still swollen, etc. Little bits of skin came off when I rubbe da wet washcloth over my lip to clean it. Every day the pigment of my lip inside has gotten more and more red. It feels like the entire inside is burned and I lost a layer of skin. I noticed at lunch in my cars mirror that the red pigmant is literally spreading onto my gums. The part above my two front teeth is much more read than any other part of my gums. It's literally "spreading." I'm only 17, nearly 18, and can't really afford a gluten free diet or anything, etc. I am hoping to get vitamin b12 shots since it will be directly into my blood stream. I assume since I'm having more and more syptoms that number of antibodies(or whatever it is) is probably getting higher and I'm getting worse. :X Anyone know what this is? I do have another holistic doctor appointment this wednesday as a checkup. (I'm scared to admit to her I haven't improved my diet too much.)