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  1. I have been gluten-free for about 5 months, and sleeping much better. I had insomnia for a couple years before diagnosis, and terrible Restless Leg Syndrome. When I told the doctor the RLS was gone, he said it was because of the gluten-free diet. Also I am dreaming again! I hadn't remembered dreaming much at all for several years, except sometimes awakened by a loud sound, usually of a telephone ring like right next to my ear, one time a tremendous explosion noise, but all was quiet upon awakening. Is that celiac too?
  2. I've been diagnosed celiac and gluten-free for about 5 months. My husband is careful, and I kept his bread and crackers and some canned foods for him. He doesn't use the cutting board and the butter dish is marked "gluten-free" at one end -- I have my butter knife and he has his! We used the same toaster -- I don't know if any of this hurts me, as I seem not to show symptoms as much. He likes a lot of the gluten-free foods and we love vegetables and plain meats and fruits, so we are getting along well, so far!