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  1. I'm sorry I guess I could have said it different. I was just trying to help others. I remember how desperate for help I was. Such a hopeless feeling. Anyway, I take such a low dose of MMS that it's harmless. In fact the FDA allows it to be sprayed on fruits and vegetables in much higher doses and the FDA uses it as a drinking water purifier. I remember reading a book on it and in the book it mentioned that celiac was one of the ailments so I thought I would let ya'll know about it. At least you can research it more than just the government calling it bleach, which it isn't. Bleach is sodium hypochlorite. There is also another book about it by an ND that is curing autism with it, so I don't think it should be something people push aside as a fad. It should be looked into more. Maybe there is something to it. Melissa
  2. No not my church. I don't belong to any church. I joined your celiac forum early last year when I thought I had celiac disease. You can look through my old posts if you wish. Oh and the FDA puts that notice out because they are in cahoots with big pharma. Anyway I found out later that I actually had Lyme Disease which was mimicking the celiac. Apparently it mimics a lot of diseases. After countless treatments and abx that made it and my leaky gut worse I starting learning about MMS and joined the FB forum. So I have been taking it for the past 8 months. It has gotten rid of my gluten/food allergies, leaky gut, candida, heavy metals poisoning and most of my Lyme and I am almost completely free of symptoms. I remember writing desperate posts on this site last year to get help for my leaky gut and I always made a mental note that if I got better I would come back and let people know what was causing my issues. The people on this site would always say the "cured" ones have no reason to post anymore so they just go away, so I wanted to post how I got out of my illness. I didn't realize I was going to get attacked for it, MEOW!! I wish all of you good luck in your journey. Melissa
  3. Ok, I found some more links. Chlorine Dioxide is also known as MMS. http://genesis2church.org/component/content/category/7-main-menu http://g2cforum.org/index.php/list/welcome/2916-celiac-disease I will keep searching for more... Melissa
  4. You can try these links too. http://jhbooks.org/the-master-mineral-solution-of-the-3rd-millennium/ And http://www.mmsautism.org But the best site seems to be the FB site. Sorry if you can't see it. C/D is Chlorine Dioxide. Melissa
  5. I have no involvement with the site just posted it so everyone can research it more. People are curing all sorts of stuff like autism, malaria and chrons with chlorine dioxide. Melissa
  6. People are curing their gluten issues using C/ D. You might want to look into it, https://www.facebook.com/groups/mojoother/ Melissa
  7. I was recently diagnosed with Porphyria. My GI is running more tests to see which type of Porphyria I have but my initial 24 hour urine test came up elevated in porphyrins. I have been poking around the forums and I noticed that heavy metals poisoning can be the problem and not Porphyria. Is there a test my GI DR can do for mercury? She barely believes my "leaky gut" stories and the 2 other GI's I have seen since don't believe it either. I saw the link to the great plains testing but I don't think she'll buy it. Why is it so hard for Dr's to believe that these illnesses occur?? Should I have all of my fillings removed immediately? I have 7!!
  8. Last Ditch Rant.... Con't

    I have shown my GI the yeast test results but she still will not give me an Anti Fungal medicine. She wants to run more tests first. Gah~ Can this thing drag out any more!!
  9. Last Ditch Rant.... Con't

    Ok I saw my Nutritionist today with the DNA stool results. It looks like I have a massive yeast infection in the gut. I asked him why the antibiotics made me feel so much better and he feels the probiotic I was on "theralac" was not the right one I needed and the antibiotics killed it and it made me feel better. I guess it was doing more harm then good. He put me on a regimen that follows the DNA print out. It includes all items from Standard Process vitamin line like, Gastro Fiber, Prosynbiotic, Cranberry Complex, Vitanox and Gut Flora Complex. I took my first doses about 45 minutes ago and I don't seem to be intolerant to any of them yet so I am hoping this works. He told me to expect a large herx response but to keep taking them no matter what. I guess we will see...
  10. Continuation of other "last ditch rant" post So last week I was in the ER for right flank pain again. I thought it was my liver again since I was having so many problems with it and fats. They took a urine sample and said it looked like I had a UTI but they cultured it to be sure. So Monday the 17th they called and said it was definitely a UTI and called in some antibiotics. So I start Keflex Monday and starting Tuesday all my GI problems die down. No more gas, bloating or D/C. Reflux has even died down. So should I assume this is SIBO? I ended my antibiotics yesterday and all my problems came back 10 fold. Joint pain, malabsorbtion, food/fat intolerances, liver pain, dry mouth, depression, gas, bloating and D/C. My GI wants me to take an HBT test and wait 2 weeks for the results before treating me with new antibiotics. I can't live like this for 2 more weeks. I can barely eat anything!! When I was on Keflex I was able to eat fats again, it was great! Now I can't. I am still waiting my DNA Stool test results that I took with my nutritionist. They come back today, maybe my GI DR will accept those results and put my back on antibiotics based on them. I am already on Theralac probiotics since April but that doesn't help either. I hear SIBO just keeps coming back every time you kill it. This is a nightmare. What would happen if I checked myself into a hospital for depression and got put on TPN and antibiotics/probiotics? Would this all go away then? I am suffering terribly from malnutrition, my hair is falling out in huge clumps no matter how much vitamin D and others I take. What can I do??
  11. So last week I was in the ER for right flank pain again. I thought it was my liver again since I was having so many problems with it and fats. They took a urine sample and said it looked like I had a UTI but they cultured it to be sure. So Monday the 17th they called and said it was definitely a UTI and called in some antibiotics. So I start Keflex Monday and starting Tuesday all my GI problems die down. No more gas, bloating or D/C. Reflux has even died down. So should I assume this is SIBO? I'm still waiting to hear back from my GI about this new development. I did a SIBO test but the results aren't due til next week. So will all of my symptoms come back when I am off the Keflex?
  12. Well the Garlic was short lived, I was intolerant to it by the end of the day. I started Mastic Gum instead which kills H-pylori and other bacteria. I went and saw another GI for a 2nd opinion and he basically does not believe in Leaky Gut. Says there is no scientific evidence to prove it. He wants me to go on Amatryptaline instead and try the Elemental Nutrition and a SIBO test. He doesn't understand that once I try to eat something for more than one day I become intolerant to it. So once i start the EN it will only be a day or 2 before i can't take it anymore but I will give it a try. I had to mail order it so it won't be here for a couple of days. I went and visited my surgeon yesterday too, he doesn't believe it is my gallbladder either and wants me to do TPN and will discuss it with my PCP and other GI today. It scares me to do TPN but I am literally wasting away. I can't eat anything with fat in it with out a reaction which are gas, bloating, liver side pain and dizziness. And then once I have a fat reaction, I will have a food reaction shortly thereafter which is IBS, itching, sneezing, all over joint pain, diarrhea with whole pieces of food in it. I tried the HCL and it works well to digest my food better but I am just afraid to take it all the time and become intolerant to it since its made from beets. I can't do ACV anymore since i became intolerant to apples. I dropped the carbs so now I am just eating veggies and meats but the meats bother me too since they have fat in them. I already had the HIDA scan and Ultrasounds of my liver done, the HIDA was negative and the ultrasound showed a benign tiny polyp but it wasn't blocking the ducts. I have a 50000 unit compounded vitamin D RX but i have to take it with fat and even when i take it with the meats it doesn't seem to absorb since I still feel bone and teeth pain and my hair is still falling out. I feel like this is the end for me and there is nothing else to be done. I hope something works soon.
  13. It all started with reflux. I had had reflux for the past 2 years and I had been placed on Nexium 1x day to control it. In January of 2012 the Nexium no longer worked. The reflux was so bad it was shooting up into my mouth and burning me constantly. I could not control it. Back then I was part of Tricare Prime and was using the Navy Dr's. I was seen multiple times in the ER until I saw a GI and had a scope done on March 1 2012. The Dr indicated that there was no reflux damage but the small bowel was worn down which appeared to be Celiac Disease. They took biopsies. I started my gluten free diet immediately and got reflux moderate relief within days. The Celiac results came back negative so I tried to eat wheat again but I could not so I resigned to cut it out. The reflux slowly started to return over the next few weeks. This Celiac group that I had joined suggested I give up Dairy as well. It helped mildly but the refluxed slowly came back. They I had started dropping food groups like Corn and Soy and had to rotate my foods every 4 days to stop "gut reactions" I was having which included IBS symptoms as well as the reflux. I had dry mouth, hypoglycemia and some mild joint pain. The Celiac group recommended I drop all allergen foods so I did. I was down to Meats, Veggies and Fruits and a few Carbs that I was rotating. In mid April I went to a Homeopath who started me on Bone Broth, ACV, Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics and L Glutamine. This helped a little but I was still having reactions. She had done and IGG test which showed allergies to Cabbage, Broccoli, Almonds, Eggs, Bananas, Cranberries, Hazelnut. I stopped these and finally got into see a civilian GI using Tricare Standard. I told her about the leaky gut but she wanted me to do a bunch of tests like fat intolerance and h pylori. About the same time I started to see a New PCP. She did a blood test and found I was vitamin deficient on D and Iron as well as depressed. She had me go on Nortryptaline 25mg and see a shrink. This was around the beginning of May and I finally stopped having reactions things calmed down but my shrink kept upping my dosage of Nortryptaline to 75mg and Anxiety Meds and my GI wanted me to start Vit E for my Fatty Liver CT results. So around mid June I was having reactions again and to this date I have not been able to get it under control. It is now September and I have figured out that Fats are my problem. If I have too much fat my side starts to hurt and I get gas and bloating and this leads to a food reaction. I am back to a 4 day food rotation but I have run out of protein powders to rotate. I only have rice and pea and I am afraid I will become intolerant to one of them any day now. I can eat rice, quinoa, millet and amaranth. I make smoothies using cherries and greenbeans; strawberries, prunes and carrots; orange juice and squash; and mango juice, chia and peas. I have been alternating the peas and rice proteins as best i can. I can eat chicken. Pork a little but it has too much fat. The more fat I eat the worse get. I was alternating oils in my smoothies but it started to make things worse. So now I have stopped adding oils and I only get my fats from my grains and sometimes chicken but I am only eating chicken every 4 days. I was taking Milk Thistle, Aloe and ACV but lost them all to reactions. I have also tried chamomile, yarrow and calendula tea but had reactions to those. I am afraid to try new things. Reactions now include IBS, Diarrhea, Sneezing, Body Itching, Reflux, Extreme Joint Pain all over, anal Itching and each reaction causes my bladder to swell. I end up with microscopic blood in my urine and my urine flow is weak. I take D Mannose each time it happens to stop infection so far I have been able to control it. My overall health is extremely poor due to this stuff, my blood pressure has dropped down to 80s over 40s. I still have vitamin deficiencies except Iron which I had and IV infusion done in early Sept. I had a brain MRI which showed white matter abnormalities. I feel faint and dizzy all the time. My hair is falling out and my teeth all hurt and bleed, i have dark circles under my eyes. I have bleeding hemorrhoids now from my chronic constipation when I am not having Diarrhea. I have major depression and can't take the pills everyday without reactions. I can no longer take my allergy meds daily. I am so frustrated and I find my self constantly breaking down. I ask my PCP to help but she just keeps saying that I should have my gall bladder out. The research I have done on Leaky Gut indicates that it is my Fatty Liver not my gall bladder causing the problems. My PCP just says there is no GI evidence to support Leaky Gut since my scopes came back negative. I am seeing Dr Banks a nutritionist who is doing some stool lab tests to check for bugs and yeast but it takes 3 weeks to come back. I started taking raw garlic today. 4-6 cloves a day, I reek. I wonder how long until I can't tolerate it anymore. I am at my wits end. I want my Dr to put me on TPN which is Total Paratenial Nutrition via IV so that I can get some relief in my gut but she says there is no evidence to support such a route. I guess my pain and worsening symptoms are not good enough a reason. I want to go to the hospital but they never help me, they usually give me a bag of saline and send me on my way. I may go to the ER and tell them I have suicidal thoughts so they will admit me and then I will refuse to eat and maybe then they will put me on TPN. Lately it's not far off from the truth. http://www.liverdoctor.com/liver-problems/leaky-gut
  14. I am suffering from food intolerance flare ups presently and I am trying to convince my Dr to let me try Ketotifen or Zaditen. Some of you are already on this drug and I wanted to know if you could send me the name and phone number of your prescribing Dr. My case is my GI Drs first one of a non celiac nature and she would like to discuss it with other Drs who are treatinig it and using this medicine. Please let me know if you can help??! I am desperate!!
  15. I am currently on day 5 after my last glutoning. I can't believe I keep being so careless. It was sunflower seeds that must have had CC. Now I am leary of my sunflower oil but I have not had any issues from that. I am down to just olive and sunflower oil as my only sources of good fats now. I am too scared to try others. My IgG shows I am intolerant to dairy, eggs, almonds, bananas, cranberries and pineapple but not wheats/glutens. Yet I am reacting to everything lately because of my leaky gut. I am off soy, corn, yeast. I am down to like 10 safe foods and I am a prisoner in my own home. I did get a HIDA scan and my GB is fine. I still have sharp pains in that area so I am assuming my liver is bothering me. I have been on Milk Thistle for about 2 weeks and some symptoms have died down but not enough. How long does it take to detox a liver? This latest gluten illness has been the worst by far. I was in the hospital a couple of times this week. First it was for dehydration then malabsorption. I am not absorbing any of my water/foods and it makes me hypoglycemic and of course makes me lose more weight. This is day 5 and I am still having trouble absorbing my foods/fats. Having lots of C and floaters. Still shaking all the time from low blood sugar. And so weak that I spend most of my afternoons in bed with a killer headache. I can