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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Doctors know little about nutrition though. Including mine.
  2. I had low D, B, folic acid for sure. Those were tested.
  3. Since malabsorption is such a huge problem for us, is there a suppliment cocktail available to help replenish our deficiencies? Maybe one complete product? I have been looking but many of the gluten free suppliments contain other allergens among other problems. I would love some help on this.
  4. Much worse over the past 5 years even though I live much healthier than before. I thought maybe thyroid because my brother has Graves' disease. Tested normal.
  5. "Light" positive ANA. Folic acid and D are low. No endoscopy as of yet. I have not gone through the other allergy testing either. I did have a hida scan to check my gallbladder since the bulk of my abdominal swelling is right under my ribs. It's bad enough that I feel the swelling into my back.
  6. My diagnosis was at the age of 3. There wasn't a lot of information and the consensus was that I would grow out of it. So I have not been gluten free from diagnosis. I didn't have a lot of symptoms in later childhood so I ate whatever. I had bouts of psoriasis that were pretty bad and some other issues but never made the connection. That's what I meant about tolerance. It's not really true. Celiac is celiac and you don't grow out of it. I have not been keeping a diary but my diet is very limited. I have eliminated most everything from my diet for long periods of time but the only improvement has seemed to be a little less bloating and my psoriasis to calm down. That's why I am not sure what to do. The last GI said all my tests were negative but I had been following a gluten free diet for years prior to that test so it shouldn't show anything. The rheumatologist said I had a positive RA factor but said the joints he x-rayed were ok and gave me tramadol and nsaids.
  7. I have read conflicting things about NSAIDS. They are not good for your gut if it is damaged. I have been taking LOTs of them for years and can't help but wonder if they are inhibiting the healing process. On the other hand actual pain killers have helped me get through the day. Probably not the best idea.
  8. No travels outside US. It's been going on for years. If it were cancer I would be dead already.
  9. My thyroid has been tested several times and I have had gallbladder tests. I have also seen a rheumatologist to no avail. I am a man so menopause should not be an issue. lol
  10. I was diagnosed with Celiac as an infant. I had seemingly built up a tolerance but starting in my 20's things started getting much worse. I am now 40. I have dermatitis on my face, terrible inflammation in my joints and in my bowels on the right side. Muscle cramps and tremors, temp runs low by one or two degrees night sweats swollen lymph nodes (on the right side of my neck) anxiety constant fatigue If I have an acute attack I get a blinding headache with nausea for a day and can't get warm. Then I have to suffer for weeks until things calm down. I went to a doc a few months ago and he said my tests are normal but that is likely because I am very careful about consuming gluten and it won't show up. I have had utra sounds, MRI's, colonoscopies, and some other digestion tests and no problems show up. Currently there is no dairy or corn in my diet. I have considered that I am malnourished or have vitamin deficiencies but I don't know what to take as it is hard to find supplements that don't contain allergens. Please help if you have suggestions. This is ruining my life.
  11. I was diagnosed celiac as an infant. I had seemingly built up a tolerance but in my 20
  12. Bloating

    I tried a probiotic but it had dairy in it so I stopped.
  13. Bloating

    I was dignosed with celiac as an infant, developed some tolerance but then a few years ago it got bad. I am now gluten, dairy, soy, and egg free and have been for about a month. My belly is still bloated and feels very heavy, particularly in the lower right. It is causing back pain and I am miserable. It seems worse when I eat meat other than small amounts of ground beef or turkey. I realize it may take a long time to heal my gut but is there anything I can do for relief? So far the only thing that seems to help at all is just not eating.