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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Training And Energy Management

    Hey! I'm a swimmer and train 6 days a week. When I went gluten free, I was about 2 months out from a big meet. Because of the dietary restrictions, and my inability at the time to find enough of a variety of foods to eat, I did feel like I was eating the same things all the time and my energy levels dropped initially. I would say that for training, it took a good 6 months before I started feeling stronger. I definitely felt "better" in the sense that I had no more digestive issues. Evening workouts were really tough for me, and morning ones the easiest to handle (energy-wise). I think it takes your body quite a while to adapt to the dietary change especially with a high training volume. I lost about 2 pounds a week for a few months... But I also cut out all processed foods and am now eating a paleo diet. 8 months of gluten-free living and training and I think I am completely adapted now. I eat a lot more naturally high-fat foods (avocado, salmon, nuts) but very little sugar outside of fruits and vegetables (1 cube of sugar in my tea in the morning). I struggled at first to get enough calories and early on, resorted to eating plain potatoe chips (I think I was craving calories and salt), but I make sure I add some salt to my otherwise naturally low-sodium diet. Drinking enough water helps make sure your low energy levels are not due to dehydration... I could go on and on... I think I am close to finding the right formula that works for me (nutrition-wise). Hope this helps...
  2. I have a similar issue... But I think it's related to the water I used to drink in my tea (that I made at work). I never have this problem at home and I eat the same meals as I do at home except that I wash my dishes at the office that I re-use every lunch hour. Could it be the water at work?
  3. McDonald's fries are gluten-free? This is very bad news for me!!!! I've been eating a strict diet of fruits, veggies and meat for a month now!
  4. Yep, I have. But maybe I am sensitive to brown rice... It's only been 3 weeks since I realized what was going on.
  5. Advil And Tylenol

    Actually, not ALL Advil products are gluten-free...
  6. Advil?

    Not ALL Advil products are gluten-free. Question: I am allergic to gluten. Is it all right for me to take this product? Answer: Advil