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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I am in Canada. I am not should if it is law or custom. I will have to ask. I did find out that it was a dietican calling to inform us on her blood work results. She told me that the results were from before she has the biospy so b/c she doesn't have celiac then the vitamin doesn't have to be gluten-free.
  2. I got the call regarding the scope from the nurse who said that the dr said she was all good. No signs of celiac and all was negative so no celiac. She would be retest through blood work in 3 yrs. She didn't need to be gluten-free. As for the report, we don't get report from dr's here. Only our ped and the Diabetes dr will get this report so maybe I will call them as well. Calling dr or maybe several drs today to get this all unconfused!
  3. MY DD had her scope/biospy about 4 weeks ago. We got the results back 2 weeks later...it came back negative. Today, we get a call from the GI specialist nurse to tell us that DD's vitamin A nad D levels were low. Don't know it has taken 6 weeks to call and tell us this when it was a month ago she has the biospy nad the blood work was done at the end of March. Anyway, so the nurse tells Dh(I was at work when she called) that he wants her ot start taking a multivitamin which is gluten-free. So that is where I am confused...Why shoulf the multivitamin be gluten-free when she is not gluten-free? Does this make sense to anyone else? Can someone explain this to me?
  4. Ok, I am a bit of worried so please bear with me. My DD is scheduled for a scope/boi next Wednesday. Well, this morning she woke up with a sinus infection which is right on course to the way her sinus infection go. She did have her andoids outto stop these sinus infections but the sinus infections are still there. Anyway, I am going to call and get her some antiboitics to start right away but I am concern that this will cancel her scope/biospy. I don't want it cancelled b/c it will take probably another month or three to get another appointment. If she is on antibiotic and they still do the scope, will it effect the biospy and the results? Thank you for your patience with my rambling...
  5. I am confused by the Dr's comment regarding the endo dr myself. I know that he was still going to do the scope b/c when the office called me with the appointment for the GI specialist, I was told about her scope/biospy appointment. After google celiac blood test, I realizes now that it was the peptide that was the postive but the ttg that was negative.
  6. I took my DD to see the GI specilist today. He came in and right away said, it seems like the endo dr may not understand celiac and after saying that he showed me her blood test results. I am not sure if I can explain correct what I saw but I will try. The Trans something IgA was negative but the one where the levels should be 20 and under were a 39. He asked if she had signs of celiac. I am not sure. I know she has consitpation, she has lose 12lbs, she has chronic sinus infections(the ENT specialist said that this can't be related to celaic?) and she has acid reflux. She does have moody swings which no one can expalin to me, and she does have problems focuing which I have been told by an OT that it could be Celaic related. All of this along with her diabetes(T1) and hpyothyroidism. He is still going to do the scope and biospy which is scheduled for April 11. So I guess I am wondering if the IgA is negative and the other level is slightly elevated, can it be celiac? If the boispy comes back negative, then why would the one blood test be elevated? She was sick with ears/sinus infection with a cold when I took her for the bloos test, could this elevated that one blood test? Sorry for my rambling, just trying to figure this all out! Any thoughts would be great. Thank you Shannon
  7. Thank you OP for posting what has been on my mind for about two weeks now. My DD tested postive through blood work and we are going in for the scope on the 11 of April. My concern are what supplies have gluten in them and how will I know and if the school will take me serious? I have keep them update to date regarding her testing postive for celiac and I got the "ok,so she doesn't eat wheat" I am also concern about when they ate lunches that the other kids' crumbs will get on my DD's side of the table. I don't think that they wash the tables after lunch unless there is a spill. Anyway, I am sorry to hi jack the OP's post, just feeling the same concerns as her.
  8. First, THANK YOU all for your support! Secondly, withthe help of her Diabetic team, we were able to get her in sooner. She NOW has an appointment March 26 to see the ped GI specailist and her scope is scheduled as well for April 11.. I am anxious to get all of this done so we can finally get her healthy and get her D back in control!
  9. My DD who is 7 tested postive for celiac. Her level that i know of for one test(I guess the main one that say if it is postive or negative) was a 39. Not that high but the dr said it was a postive. We are waiting to get int o see the ped GI which right now is not till June and that is just the consult. I am not sure if she has any signs of celiac except for the fact that she has loss 12 lbs in three weeks, she has constipation(DH who has celiac says that she should have diahra to have celaic), acid reflux. She also has type 1 Diabetes(dx'd at 18 months)and hpyothroidsim. She also has learning delays and chronic sinus/ear infections even after tubes were put in. So I guess I am wondering(maybe I am in denial at the thought she will has something else that will be a major cahnge in her life)but could there be a chance that it is a false postive. We are keeping her on gluten like the drs have said till she has her scope. I guess I am also concern about her weight loss and the 3 month wait till we see the GI specailist. Will that be safe for her? Thank you...