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  1. I wonder if anyone has had problems with tendons or joint pain. I presently have a partial swelling of my right foot with various types and degrees of pain. Been treated by podiatrist since Nov, 2011 and he states that it should be better by now. I have had MRI and CT Scan and there is nothing orthopedically wrong with my foot, other than pain & swelling. My right leg is also beginning to appear smaller than my left leg. Also dealing with overgrowth of candida in my intestine and that is being controlled by probiotics. I have had Gluten problems since 2005. Started out rather mildly, now I have violent reactions to gluten. I don't know if any of this is related to the intolerance of Gluten. I know that this can cause a lot of different symptoms but wonder if anyone has experienced anything like this. I was also quite deficient in Vit. D. Taking prescription strength at present. Please help, if any one can?