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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    Favorite animal is dragons and wolves. I am an artist, writer and really hoping to be an actress in the future. I love swimming and am on a swim team. LIke a said my biggest speicalty and interest is being an artist. Yes I am I girl but I love video games. The music I like is Rock, Some pop, and other miscalaneous music.
  1. Going To La!

    elonwy....... we checked out the Solar Harvest 242 S Beverly Drive , it was really good , thanks , the owner came out and helped us order, she was very knowledgable about celiac. She said her friend has celiac and helped her when she was making up her business plan and menu. It was very good, and we felt very safe eating there. Another great find was Julianos Raw, I am dairy free also and there is no dairy, soy gluten. He was very nice and came out and talked to me and my mom, after I explained to the waitress that I had celiac disease. I am very picky and would have preferred cooked meat in and out burger, but this was really different and good. His philosphy is that my body was just smarter at an earlier age to reject the gluten and dairy, and that eventually everybody has problems (health) because of it. He suggested that i stick with the all raw, I would if I could have somebody cook me his gourmet meals everyday, otherwise it would be pretty hard to stick to it.
  2. Skittles

    YeS!!! I love skittles there sooo COLORFULL
  3. Going To La!

    is there any thing else?
  4. Going To La!

    wow thanks! that should be alot of help. thanks again for the list!
  5. Going To La!

    Well, soon Im gonna be going to LA and I was wondering what places are gluten free (dairy free to). ok, lets just say "safe" places, any safe places where I don't have to worry about contamination??? Im gonna be staying in a raddison hotel next to LAX. I'd be sooo happy and grateful if someone could give me a list or tell me some nice places to eat. Thanks everyone ~kAyLa~
  6. Lake Tahoe Vacation

  7. Lake Tahoe Vacation

    I am going to Lake Tahoe next week for vacation. My dad and I will be staying at friends. I will be the only one gluten free (and without mom's protective eagle eye-scouting out any gluten or dairy). We will be flying so I won't be able to pack my own food. Any suggestions on where to eat and where to pick up food? Don't want to get glutened, right now I got sick and are on antibiotics, and when I get back I am scheduled to have my tonsils removed on July 13. Help
  8. Is This Dh?

    OMG, i just went to the doctor and she did say she was pretty sure it was dh. Difinately not stupid shingles, or faliculitis or excima. she said they looked pimply but do NOT pop them. anyways, shes convinced its DH but has set up for a biopsy next week. She said theres medicine but im too young to go on it and would rather just have me stay gluten free.
  9. Im Going Crazzzzy!

    hey thanx swingin celiac. That really helped alot. You seem to be going through the same stuff im going through. thanks for your support . *~**~***___KK___***~**~*~
  10. Is This Dh?

    hey everyone, Yesterday at school I noticed that I had two red bumps on my arm. When I got home there were three more bumps on the same arm and 2 new ones on the other arm. Ive had these red bumps with little whiteheads before many times and they havent been diagnosed as dh, i just know its related to gluten ( it was previously diagnosed as shingles, follicqulitis, and many more. Ive been on many medicines too , antibiotics, etc.which never) but this is kinda different. The bumps have broken out faster, in 1 day I had 8 bumps on 1 arm and 3 on the other. Usually I get the bumps on my stomach in a line on both sides of my stomach ( sound very fimiliar with my arm right now) but ive never got the bumps on my arms. Im pretty sure it sounds like dh (because I think i got glutened or dairied lately and because of descriptions ive been reading) but I dont know why its on my arms and its breaking out SO fast? Anyone know why? Do you think its DH? Does dh go in a line because thats what my bumps are doing. moms taking me to the doctor but everytime we go its pointless. *~**~***___KK___***~**~*
  11. Im Going Crazzzzy!

    Thanx for the advice and support. Its just annoying when i eat lunch i feel different and uncomfortable that im eating a rice cake and everyon else is eating pizza and cupcakes. Normal food to a 12 yr old girl like me is pizza and burgers and stuff EVERYONE eats at school. I guess more than anything it wasnt missing the food its just that i feel so different and stupid around my friends. This is the first time ive been depressed about the diet to this extreme. When I think about it iate out with my dad this past weekend and i probably got glutened, because some of the symptoms came back but i got more emotional than i usually do. Ya Guhila thanx for the kids cookbook idea, i'll check it out. Key, i cant introduce dairy just yet because theres still too much malabsorption. hopefuly in a year it will get better
  12. Ive been gluten free/caesin free for 1 year and I pretty much hate it. I hate being different from everyone else at school. i hate looking at people eat a cupcake or a slice of cheesy pizza right in front of me. I JuSt WanNa Eat A cupcake! I just really miss gluten and dairy. I know ive had symptoms and some have gotten better but I just wanna be eating normal food at school, I dont know what to do. Should I eat gluten again, I reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaallllllllyyyyyyy miss it ! *~_____ KK_____~*
  13. OMG, I go through the exact same thing. I'm the only one of my friends that brings a lunch. They don't say it's gross cuz I dont let them try it but they look at me weird all the time and sometimes make a rude comment like "Whats that suppose to be." Ya its very frustrating but when my friends say stuff like that I'd say "Who cares about what you eat! Food is just food! " Most food I bring to school is what they eat, chips (the kinds I can eat) or a bring fruit and they don't say anything. My good friends at school are supportive though. Really, food is just food, no one should care what you eat. If they do just ignore or comment back. <3 ___KK____ <3
  14. Hi

    hey Lani. My name is Kayla and Im 12, I turn 13 in december. Im getting a little better from being gluten free and I think its been about a year. Anyway you can message me any time . PS. For me I get symptoms after 1 or 2 days. _____KK <font size=30>&hearts
  15. Easter Candy

    me after my peeps...... Thanks everybody !!!!! momandgirls, Jelly Belly's are definately gluten-free/cf .... I keep these on hand for a major sweet tooth attack