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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Grumpy, Anger Issues Pop Up...

    Thank you for response, I feel bit better by knowing that I can continuing on gluten challenge and try to just take things easy. here to the challenge! I am thinking of just do one meal of gluten and two meals of gluten free or i should shove lot of gluten as I can?
  2. Suggestion is to get tested for full blood panel that can point out the lack of vitamins defienceires.(msp?) Plus stay on gluten and go get full celiac panel test. So you can see what is happening. those symptoms sound like celiac with some of food intolerances. so sorry for so short post. I do get very tired after my meals if it have any kind of gluten in it. So it is possible that your body are try to telling you that it does not like gluten and they just shut down as well.
  3. As I attempt at doing the gluten challenge after be gluten free since New year's day. I have been aiming on get tested for Celiac panel. Before I decides to make appointment with doctor to take that and I needed to boost my gluten antibodoies again by do gluten challenge as voluntory. I discovered that once as I ate those bad pizza rolls in attempt to eat some kind of gluteny. two hours later, I was very tired and fatique is so crazy that my brain became foggy. I was cleaning kitchen cabinents and go up and down the little stand. I has to stop and sitting feel so so so tired that I want to lay down but i pushed myself. I guess I pushed myself bit too hard and I became very moody and very impatient at anything that dont go in the way. My mother step in the house from the work saw me and asked me about something. I sorta of snapped at converstation. My mother was like ...... what the heck is going on... I said so sorry and i decided to stop work and go to my room to just cool down. it did helped bit. Later on, I went back and start finishing cleaning. I yet feel so so tired again and feel like fainting. Isn't this associates with eating gluten as challenge provoked my behavior to be so anger and grumpy once gluten is back in the system? I could see huge difference in my behavior and I am wide awake at 2 am with bad heartburn since i has one slice of garlic toast with my dinner since i am try do gluten challenge. two hours later, I feel so tired so i went to bed extra early but now I am up wide awake. its like gluten is giving me some kind of food coma? UGH to that.
  4. Pity Party

    Things will get better. It will not be always easy to deal with this. I am still in progress of getting my family members and friends in tune with me about gluten free. I made many errors in my judgements and get defeated by temptations that other people offered or eating in front of me. I just finally learned to stick to my guns and not budge then reward myself with gluten free treat by make it myself later on. I just have to move on and try again and actually ingore and find my new favorite foods and start carry safe snack with me all the time in the case that my friends decided to drop in bakery or coffeehouse. so i won't tempted easily. it is all about take the time to get thru this journey in the life.
  5. I am soup lover, so does this letter from General Mills are stating that they cannot claiming that the gluten free soups are made on gluten free dedciated lines? it seem like they are just stating that it does not contain any gluten ingredients in the soup at all. But at same time, it is at your risk of try this products but they are not liabity for anything happens. It is pretty much at our risk of try this products without gettting General Mills in trouble. it is pretty much similar to Chex cereals that are supposely gluten free too From what I have been reading other threads for awhile, i noticed some celiacs are not able to tolerate chex cereals that are labeled gluten free too. I find this since that is pretty hot topic about the products that the companies are trying to be more prompt to labeling allergns on their foods to make easier for those people that dont know how to read labels very carefully or those are try out the new fad diet which is Gluten free etc. is it a false adversiting? or is it just encourage celiacs to buy their products because they labeled it gluten free? i find that is very twisting in the way...
  6. I felt same way and I sometimes think other people viewed me as one of those people that just decided to join the bandwagon to go gluten free diet due to all the frenzy that media or something like that bought it on. I kept repeated to everybody that auto, assuming that I am just do it for my weight loss program, which it is not true. I am only do it to stop being sick often. NO more of heartburn or feel like lousy with fear of feel like ready to spit out whatever i just ate. I have finally committed myself to 100% gluten free after New Year's day. i feel lot better and learned my lesson to always pack prepared if traveling to my sibling's house for holiday which is bring my own corn tornilllas, cereal, snacks, and crackers. Never again. However, sorry for go off topic, back to the topic I would say those people will be oh let do the gluten free!!! then next week they would be stuffing their face in long varities of gluten stuff and cannot image live without them for rest of their lives. Anyway, think it like those old fad diets for examples, Atkins, South beach diet, etc Atkins diet that when my parents decided to do that and it end up bad since my dad have heart diease that can screw up easily by any kind of bad diets. his doctor requests him to do blood work every six months or so due to his artery clogging easily. doctor was shocked that his cholerstal went thru the roof. Doctor asked him about it and my dad admitted it was atkins diet he was try to do for few weeks. Doctor explained to him about it . so He stopped do that diet since we ate too much of pork products along Beef products than chicken and fish. All of you know that Pork and Beef is asking for the trouble rather than chicken and fish. Its sad but frenzy about gluten free diet will die off somehow but i think it might would stick around but at same time, i am not sure which companies would remaining faithful and still deciate gluten free lines for certain products? that would be something interesting to see in few years from now.
  7. Of course!! I am not too crazy about Soy since I heard it was not excatly good for us either but if we eat it in small quanilties which is okay... Since so many products do include soy as well similar to Wheat be included in almost all of products also. I guess our government must really want us to lead short life span? interesting! right?!?!? lol
  8. Takala and eatmeat4good, I completely understand your point of view. I rather not to eat too many carbs. My doctor told me that I need to be on low carb diet as well. I talked to her about veggies be high in carbs etc. She replied that It is good kind of carb and its more simple carb for my body to digest than complex carbs. plus veggies tends to be low in sugar as well. I am not going to eat too much of grains like quinoeas, rice, and corn. I am just eat them in small qualinties. I can see where you mean about pcos and be insulin resistent would need to eat more protein and good fat. I looked up online about the good fat which are Olives, olive oil, avocadoes, various of nuts, various of oils, ground flaxseeds, fatty fish like tuna, salmon, herrings, and trout, and peanut butter. I do mostly eat all of those but still need to develop taste for herrings, and certain nuts... I just thought if i mix them up with salads and still get what kind of good fats i would need to keep up with if I do eat alternative protein. I would need to develop taste for tofu although.. I am still work on try new recipe with simple tofu.
  9. true, I noticed that I might will have to avoid lot of tomatoes since I used to be allergic to them when i was younger. I would break out in hives and itchy often during summer time. I am testing myself with tomatoes. i noticed i am do fine with raw tomatoes rather than condiment kind plus spaghetti sauce. i am starting think it would have gluten in it as well that might set me off along with tomatoes? i am trying figure what made me all itchy and hives when i am eating condiments.... It is truely challenge!
  10. Good question! I do tends do my own marniade and just cook them plainly with herbs and olive oil. I dont really eat too much of deli meats. I do eat hotdogs once in a while. it is kosher and gluten free ki
  11. Thank you juliebove! yeah i really love to eat lot of veggies actually. just I need to be more creative with them and mix them up.
  12. yes Strawberry jam. i can handle fish fine with no problem. Just would have to watch how much amount i do eat tuna and other kind of fresh catch fish for mecury leve
  13. Hi all, I am not sure if this is right place to post to ask anybody that are vegetarians about the diet and how we can make sure that we get all nuritious vitamins and minerals. I am totally clueless to start vegetarian. I tried to go meatless for a week. That was most hardest thing to do until I discovered black beans and that it helped me to feel much safisated as well. I dont know how to make sure that I am actual digests and absorbed all needed vitamins and minerals if I become vegetarian... I dont know if its good idea or not... I am still working on gluten free diet and discovering new foods that I likes and develop taste for certain uncommon veggies that my family normally dont cook. Now, I am seriously considering about go vegetarian but still do dairy and eggs. they dont bother me at all. but Meats are giving me hard time to digest and i do get some heartburn sometimes if i eat bit too much meat in a day... any advices or tips would be awesome!
  14. Sugar-Stevia Blend Product

    thank you Bubba's mom and prickly for the suggestions! I never thought of keeping the notebook to record that i did already tried tweaked recipes and take note of what does work and what does not work that way i dont make mistake again! What a great idea! Bubba's mom, oh yes I do see improvement in my energy level and no issues with gas and BM lately. I just dont feel so sleepy and so drained so much. I just started mulitvitamins and probotics but its too early to say if probotics are needed. I could tell that my energy soared when i started mulitvitamins. I feel like i am kid again! I do pray that it will last long time if i keep up with mulitvitamins and cut gluten out that I am not at borderline prediabetic level anymore after get disagnosed with PCOS and had bloodwork drawed out and doc said i am at edge of getting diabetic disease unless i do something about it. I am already on low carb diet but found that gluten can cause more issue in me so i cut bread and pasta out and its so much better. sorry if i am rambling.... I am just saying that its best for my health's sake.
  15. Sugar-Stevia Blend Product

    yes, you are correct. i am suspesting it is butter and size of chips do affect the taste and dont really call up to best tasting cookies. I guess i should just abide by the recipe strictly without really tweaking and substitusing etc.