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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Please Help

    Thank you for all of the quick replies! I haven't had problems with caffeine before, hopefully that isn't the problem. In the past week I have moved, started a new school and work schedule, which probably isn't helping. My family has many pets but I only handle the guinea pig and fish food, which hasn't given me a problem before. The tea I have been drinking is in a tea bag. I looked at the ingredients and they did not list cornstarch, but I emailed the company to see. Thank you again for all of the help.
  2. Hello, I've been gluten free for 6 months and have been fine until recently. After I eliminated dairy from my diet I was still feeling sick and my doctor had me stop eating gluten. My antibody screen came back normal, but I had definite reactions to gluten when I ate it so I haven't gone back. I began feeling sick again and met with a nutritionist who put me on a FODMAPs diet which helped a lot with my bloating and also made me realize i cannot tolerate any soy products. Recently I have found I am not longer able to tolerate any corn products. For the past three days I have had hunger pangs that have made me nauseous all day, and they don't go away after I eat. When I do eat I begin to have stomach problems and have to run to the bathroom within a half hour of eating. The only thing I have been eating differently is black tea. Sorry this is so long, but does anyone have any suggestions?? Thank you,, Jessica
  3. Hello, A foci of neutrophils means There was a small focus of neutrophils. Neutrophils are a type of white blood cells that contain many digestive enzymes and are usually present in the initial response to an infection. (looks like my immunology class is starting to pay off!) I hope that helped a little bit. Jessica
  4. Hello, I think everyone has a different "reaction time." sometimes I will get sick hours or a day after I eat gluten. I have a professor with celiacs and if he eats gluten he said he gets sick a half hour after eating and will be sick for a week. Hope this helps! Jessica
  5. Thank you for the reply. I am already lactose intolerant, I have been since a baby so I don't think that is the issue.
  6. Hello, I've been gluten free for about 4 months now. My indigestion has dissappeared and I no longer feel tired and moody. This was great until I began having swelling in my abdomen after I wake-up in the morning. Sometimes it is so bad that I look like I'm pregnant. I tend to get some mild cramping with this as well. I'm beginning to get frustrastrated with this. I have never had this happen before. My doctor wasn't very helpful when I told him my gluten free diet made me feel better, he just said " well is going to be really expensive to eat now". I have been trying to see a nutritionist who specializes in IBS and is able to do skin prick tests for other food intolerances and allergies. Does anyone have any advice? Thank you, Jessica
  7. I Thought I Should Introduce Myself

    I haven't talked to my doctor about getting a biopsy. I had to ask him for the antibody test. I think I'm gluten intolerant, mostly because I don't have symptoms immediately after eating gluten, I have them usually an hour after. Thank you for replying!
  8. Hello, I'm 21 and live in Kansas. Since middle school I have had digestive problems and was diagnosed with IBS in 7th grade. Throughout high school I still had issues and in college they symptoms got worse so I cut out dairy. This helped for a while and my symptoms got worse and I cut out gluten after seeing my doctor. I had an antibody test done (it was called a complete celiac panel) and it came back normal. When I do eat gluten I get sick, so I avoid it. I just wanted so say hello
  9. Doctor In Topeka Ks?

    Does anyone have any advice on who to see about gluten intolerance in the Topeka/Lawerence KS area? My family doctor isn't very helpful and I was thinking about seeing someone else. Thank you!
  10. Hello, I was diagnosed with IBS in middle school (I am now 21) and never really improved. When I started college my doctor asked me to try a dairy free diet when help a lot until recently. 5 months ago I began to feel worse and my stomach cramps I used to have came back and I frequently was nauseous and had indigestion. I went to see my doctor again he believed it was just IBS related and asked if I have taken out dairy from my diet (which I did years before and was a little bothered that he didn't remember)and he suggested that I should try a gluten free diet along with taking stomach acid reducers. After 4 weeks on my new diet I felt pretty good. I no longer needed to take the stomach acid reducers to manage my nausea and heartburn and didn't have stomach cramps as often. I had a follow up appointment scheduled two weeks later I began eating gluten again and asked for an antibody test. When I ate gluten again I began to get nauseous and had my heartburn again. My stomach cramps would knock the wind out of me and I had a new symptoms such as achy joints the chills. My doctor thought I had Celiac's disease but did not suggest further testing, he instead told me he would order the antibody test I wanted but if it came back negative it doesn't mean that I am not sensitive to gluten or if my symptoms are even gluten related. I'm feeling a bit discouraged and was wondering if anyone had any advice for me and what to do next. Thank you