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  1. You are artificial sweetner free, so you may want to check for sulfite intolerence, in case you are sensitive to preservatives, you might find problems with wine. Try as little as quarter of a cup to check for any problems for several days, before turning the bottle down. nitin
  2. Hi there, i was dignosed with celiac disease in Mar05, my doc advised me to take B12 shots, which i took every week for 4 weeks, after that i moved to florida and could not make arrangements for receiving the shots, my energy levels started to drop, B12 tablets did not seems to help, and ulcers in mouth started to grow bigger. right then two weeks back some one suggested the sublingual tablets from Twinlab (500 mcg), i find these very useful. i have been taking one tablet every day and my energy level is improving. The same strength of 500 mcg from other tablets proved to be useless. Now i don't know how long i should continue on these tablets. Does anyone have experience with the sublingual tablets? thanks nitin