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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I used McCormicks original seasoning.... The ingredient label didn't have any red flags that stuck out to me!
  2. Also, as an update, I just got a reply from La Preferida: Good enough for me. J
  3. I've just been through the diagnosis thing. As others have said, the GI will likely order an endoscopy if he suspects Celiac. (Or, if you're like me, your GI will doubt "full-blown Celiac" and think you have Crohns or IBS, and order a colonoscopy on top of your endoscopy. THAT was a fun day. [/sarcasm]) I can only speak for myself, but my procedures were a few weeks from my initial consolation with my GI. The prep for the colonoscopy was awful, but the procedures were a cake walk. Again, if your GI suspects Celiac, they'll take biopsies from the endoscopy to look for damage to the intestine. That took a few weeks for me. Once my biopsies came back positive for celiac disease, he ordered a bone density scan and blood tests to look at my vitamin levls. ...and that was basically it. I got some cool pictures of my insides as a souvenir. J
  4. I might be more inclined to take the medical research quoted more seriously if they didn't always refer to your intestines as your "gut." LOL. Just saying. J
  5. We love pugs, too!! My sister has a lil pug named Finnegan, and I think its safe to say we're all a little obsessed with him. If I wasn't posting from my phone, I'd include photos. :-) Again, thanks for the insight. It still FEELS like a glutening to me, but I feel like I've been SO careful... Who knows?? It's comforting to talk to (type to?) others who have gone through the same thing. J
  6. Thanks for the reply! I did some pseudo-sleuthing (read: Google searching) on the Taco Seasoning before use. It seems to be okay, and I don't read anything on the ingredient list that seems suspect. But I'll continue to use caution. Thanks for pointing out that it might not be gluten related. You may be right. I just assumed it was a gluten issue because I had the same reaction that I did when I used to eat gluten all the time. I had to run to the bathroom with painful results. (TMI? LOL. Sorry.) In my head, same old bathroom issues = same old causes. But you're right, I *am* very new to all this and it could have been anything. I've read on these boards that a lot of people also have trouble with dairy when going gluten-free. I didn't think I had that issue, but there WAS cheese on my taco... I'll be paying attention that that in the future, as well. Also, I have to tell you that I LOL'ed at the "spicy" part. I am Irish to my core -- flavor usually scares me away. I think most BBQ sauces are too spicy. I think I'm safe on that front. J
  7. After some calling around to the manufacturer, I found out that shampoo/conditioner I've always used is free of gluten ingredients. (Pantene's "Beautiful Lengths" line.) I've heard that other versions of Pantene are also gluten-free, but I find it best to call the manufacturer directly to be sure. I'm in the same boat looking for gluten-free cosmetics. My mother-in-law is big into this company called Melaleuca which sells products without harsh chemicals, they list some of their beauty products as gluten-free so I use them for foundations, eye liners, etc. But you have to be a "member" to get those... I found Afterglow online, and yes, they are a bit pricey. And several of the shades I would have purchased were out of stock. I've also found this website that is more affordable that I'm going to try out. (I can let you know if I like them once I receive them.) Joelle Cosmetics: http://www.mymineralglitters.com/joellecosmetics.html (BTW, if anyone has any experience with these cosmetics, I'd be interested to hear about it!) HTH, J
  8. Hello all, Forgive me if I'm missing something, I'm kind of a newb to all this having only been gluten-free for about a month. But somehow, I've managed to gluten myself, and I'm trying to figure out the culprit. We had tacos for dinner tonight. I used corn torillas (labeled gluten-free,) 100% organic beef seasoned with McCormick taco seasoning, spanish rice (labeled gluten-free,) and La Preferida Authentic refried beans. Because I'm preeeeeeetty sure everything else was "safe," I'm suspect on these beans. The ingredients are as follows: Water Pinto Beans Lard Salt ...so it seemed pretty safe to me. I just sent an e-mail to the manufacturer to confirm. Has anyone else expirenced a problem with these, or can the more seasoned gluten-free veterans see anything else in my menu which might have caused my reaction? Thanks for helping me... still trying to figure all this out. J
  9. Marathon Training

    Loved this post... I'm currently training for my first half marathon (May 6th, OMG, it's practically here.) I was diagnosed just this month, and I've only been gluten free for a few weeks. I haven't noticed any difference in how I feel while training, but it's good to have some recs on protein bars if I start to feel a lag. Rfin, I second the poster who suggested foam rolling. It does WONDERS for my ITB. Happy Running! J
  10. Lucky for me, my favorite drink seems to be safe. (For now, at least. I'm very new to this and I'm learning that I may want to avoid certain things in the beginning... still hammering that out.) But I usually go for Banana Malibu Rum mixed with Pepsi. It's like drinking a liquid circus peanut. Heavenly. J
  11. I'm glad someone brought this up. I was just diagnosed (about two weeks ago, I'm a TOTAL newb!) I was looking through all the ingredients in my hair care products and was distressed to find Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein in some of them. I saw the word "wheat" and immediately thought that put them on my DO NOT USE list. Looks like I'll have to do some more research! And I'll be watching replies to this thread with interest. J