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  1. I do have a problem with my portions. I love to eat to the limit and feel full. I have tried eating small meals throughout the day and it does NOT work for me. I've been trying to cut how much I eat in meals in general, by slowly weaning myself lower but it isn't working, it's doing the opposite. Because I'm cutting back the entire day I sit there and think about how hungry I am and how miserable I am and how much it sucks and I end up comfort eating so it backfires. Help?? I've tried drinking a glass of water before a meal, waiting twenty minutes, everything. On top of everything I'm an extremely picky eater and unfortunately will not touch fish or poultry unless it's fried. I do not mind vegetables and I try to fill up on them but I still overeat and I figure it's still not healthy vegetables or not. Being a picky celiac person is miserable. Any tips on how to cut back eating and stay full? I do take a fiber pill and vitamin pill.